Drop Your Xbox360 and Get A Free PS3?

According to this a German website is hosting a "drop your xbox360 and earn a PS3 free of charge event."

Babelfish Translation: "A Berliner established an unusual action to the PS3-Launch Saturn-branch:

On the current PS3-Party, which begins around 22Uhr in the Saturn at the Potsdamer Platz, one has the chance to got one of 50 PS3-Konsolen. To be sure one must fall let in addition previously a Kletterwand erklimmen and its Xbox 360 into the depth. After that one gets "given" readily co-payment a brand-new PS3. "

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TheMART4762d ago

I'll help you out there on the German article:

One has to get up a climb-wall and drop ones XBOX 360 down the wall. After that the former 360 owner will get a brand new PS3 without having to pay anything.

Although I can't see why one would change it's best gaming experience into one that's not about gaming but watching video's.

Zaskark24762d ago

and I am hosting the "drop your PS3 and get an Xbox 360 ELITE free of charge" The PS3 would look nice shattering in pecies!

fjtorres4761d ago sell the PS3 to a fanboy and buy a black 360 and a Wii.

techie4761d ago

fjtorres - exactly - and have some money left over

sak5004761d ago

Tsk Tsk .. Mart i thought you'd understand it. These guys cannot sell PS3 so instead they'll exchange it with 360 and sell 360 and recover some of the money they are loosing in their investment of the Grill..sorry ps3.

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SEAN16174762d ago

thats funny as hell. I rather throw the MART off that wall, because of his stupid fanboyism.

TheMART4762d ago

You'll get Barbie Ken in a pink skirt dancing in front of you without underpants every evening for doing that. Isn't that a great exchange?

So go ahead, I will have a nice fly

Lyberator4761d ago

If it wasnt for mart you wouldnt even know what the hell it said so shutup you sony fanboy

BIadestarX4762d ago

The fact that this event even exists proves that anyone must be an idiot to drop their 360 over a PS3. Why else would they be challenging people to do it? I mean, the PS3 is more expensive, who ever does this can drop their 360, break it, get the PS3, sell it and buy the new XBox 360 comming up and still have money to buy the HD DVD drive or extra games. Can I drop mine for a free PS3?

Eternal E 8084761d ago

nice plan blade,i would also tell them what i will do with the ps3 after im done with my old 360 so i can get a new one and a HD DVD player so they feel like idiots lol.

scarlett_rg4761d ago

Except you're forgetting one thing...

Who's going to buy the PS3 from you after you get it? You'd have to be lucky and stumble across a fanboy (although I suppose there'd be a few of them at such an event). No one else wants the things at those prices. Anyone else would do the smart thing and get a 360 and Wii instead.

BIadestarX4761d ago

scarlett_rg you ruined my dream! I didn't think about that!

Boink4761d ago

but then i'd have to sell the ps3 at below market just to move it.

not worth it IMO.

consolewar4761d ago

If I drop this piece of s*it called Xbox360, wich we all know is gonna break anyway, I get the most overhyped grill of all times. Decisions, decisions.

scarlett_rg4761d ago

It's not just a grill! I fried an egg and toasted some bread on my PS3 while running [email protected]

I think with a few minor tweaks I should be able to replace my microwave too!

Eventually, I should even be able to (gasp) play some good games on it!

BIadestarX4761d ago

Interesting a console hater. You were probably abused when you was a kid.

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The story is too old to be commented.