TGR News Roundup: The Bandicoot is Back

Also: The Killzone 2 DLC is announced, and Final Fantasy 13 gameplay footage is leaked.

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NeverforgetNES4243d ago

Final Fantasy XIII footage! Freakin awesome videos!

italianbreadman4243d ago

Funny thing about FF is that not only do male leads look like females, but female leads look like males who look like females.

tehk1w14243d ago

lol @ SecuROM. I would pay them NOT to be apart of my alliance.

SirLarr4243d ago

Yeah that's hilarious, nothing's more frustrating than SecuROM

DK_Switch4243d ago

Saying the iPod/iPhone is a threat to Sony and Nintendo is like saying GE is worried about their microwaves because somebody discovered you can EVENTUALLY cook a can of soup with a Bic lighter.

With all due respect, Mr. Hawkins ... stop talking.

iTZKooPA4243d ago

Yea, SecuROM and that dept of Sony can burn in hell.

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