The Complete Matrix Trilogy comes to HD DVD this May

If your an HD-DVD owner, smile.

Warner Home Video has announced the release of The Complete Matrix Trilogy on USA HD-DVD from 22 May 2007.

Information is very limited at this time, but we expect to see all three films with widescreen 2.35:1 1080P transfers sporting Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 sound. We have no information on the extra content as yet.

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Syko4764d ago

Why, Just Why? I might have to buy an HD-DVD player now, I promised myself I wouldn't buy either till there was a single format. However the Matrix Trilogy is the clincher. Come on Blu-Ray win before May 22, Then I will have a reason to buy the PS3 instead of the stupid little add-on.

XxZxX4763d ago

you do realize it's coming out on Blu-ray too soon right?

Syko4763d ago (Edited 4763d ago )

So you're telling me I have a choice between 2 things I don't want?!?! Crap...Decisions,Decisions. If Sony makes a decent game or 2 don't be surprised if you check my profile and I have a PS3 tag there also :)

These Movies+Physcadelics=Heaven (IMO)

emptiness4763d ago

i agree with your equation...

techie4764d ago (Edited 4763d ago )

WOw the matrix of the most visually spectacular yet most shallow and poorly written film franchises (after the first one that is). The way they pour poorly researched and unsubtle philosophy down your throats makes me slightly sick in my mouth and then i swallow it again. Anyway that's for another forum! not here!

**edit** People I'm a philosophy major!!! I'm a first class honours graduate of philosophy from the university of nottingham. So what is your point!? I was belittling the poor mans philosophy of the matrix 2 and 3. If you want to see some philosophy in film and especially the philosophy of technology there are much better places to go - eg. Space Odessy:2001, Blade Runner, The Terminator.

Philosophy makes me far from sick. But the matrix 2 and 3 make me sick in their implementation of it. I'm not in the minority either among the philosophical community.

emptiness4763d ago

yea philosophy, who needs that, huh? technology and advancement never relied on philosophy. you're a f*ckin ignorant c*nt. also, kill yourself, you're not important to anyone since philosophy makes u sick. if you're too stupid to understand the hidden message then maybe you should read some philosophy, oh wait, it makes u sick, douchebag.

SmokeyMcBear4763d ago

philosophy is freakin worthless... worst class I took in college, complete waste of time, socrates, plato, meh.. does god exist, i think therefore I am.. just a bunch of lazybodys that don't wanna do work. Engineering classes you actually learn something. What is the one question philosophy majors ask after graduation..... do you want fries with that?

emptiness4763d ago

another idiot. if it wasn't for philosophy humanity wouldn't have engineering you dipsh*t. what is with all these ignorant f*cks thinking they know anything. join the f*ckwad club, you jackho. oh by the way, if u want an example, Aristotle is the guy who started "classifying" things which led to "quantifying" which led to scientific revolutions. and also, just to shove some more intelligence into your empty head, Francis Bacon is considered the father of science.

Syko4763d ago

I want an encore of that rant...More of you and less of them is what I say...Excellent Work Good Sir,Excellent Work Indeed!

emptiness4763d ago

lol, i can't rant when i'm laughing but thank u. maybe after another douchebag knocks philosophy and thus indirectly knocks every piece of technological advancement we take for granted, i'll rant some more.

techie4763d ago (Edited 4763d ago )

I am a philosophy major and have studied much philosophy and film, especially in regards to technology. The matrix builds its plot from tid-bits from Descartes (decieving demon), Hume (skepticism), Putnam (Brain in a Vat), Nozick (Experience machine) it attempts to provide the morals of technology and humanity. it does this very proficiently in The Matrix, but sadly goes down hill in its sequels. The philosophy is poor and borrowed.

That is all my point is. I have been majoring in this feild for many years and of course that is not an argument for why the Matrix 2 and 3 are not philosophically valuable, but if you would like to discuss this that is cool...Philosophy is my passion.

drfunkenstein - cheers...I think I was misunderstood. In fact I definately was "you're a f*ckin ignorant c*nt. also, kill yourself, you're not important to anyone since philosophy makes u sick." - wow.

Yes Kant and his copernican turn. Shame his Transcendental Idealism led to many problems, though I feel I have in the past argued for a viable alternative....another story!

drfunkenstein4763d ago (Edited 4763d ago )

Deepbrown --

I have to say I agree with you. The second and third Matrix movies are not where someone should go for philosophy. I love all the Matrix movies, including Animatrix, but nothing tops what the first provided in terms of philosophy.

I myself am graduating in May with one of my degrees in philosophy. I am getting departmental honors, graduating summa cum laude in phil, have won numerous writing awards and other honorariums, and am hoping to be entering a PhD phil program next year. Thus, like you, I think I now what I am talking about.

PS -- I would also add Kiekegaard's knight fo faith with respect to what the Wachowski brothers borrowed in terms of philosophical tidbits, also a bit of Sartre's radical philosophy of choice somehow neatly twisted with a sort of Nietzschian fatism.

PPS -- you could probably tell I study phil by my avatar alone. Give it up to the one and only Immanuel Kant...............

nix4763d ago

...with the fact that sequel went downhill after the first one. IMO they ran out of ideas to copy from. the first one was 'inspired' from a japanese anime movie - ghost in the shell (1995). sadly for the brothers.. ghost in the shell- 2 (Innocence) came out after a 10 years gap. lol q:

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DJ4763d ago

I'd definitely get it. They need to throw Animatrix in there too.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4763d ago

The movies were good though I think deepbrown just isnt a fan of the Matrix films.

shotty4763d ago

You know HD-DVD sales are also increasing as the months go by it just wasn't as big as blu-ray which went from basically nothing to matching HD-DVD now. Both formats are selling, so we'll see how things go, most likely they will co-exist like DVD+ and DVD-.

SEAN16174763d ago

it'll come to blu-ray too

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