Handhelds to dominate the gaming market by 2011?

Industry analyst David Cole has predicted that by 2011 the combined market share of the assorted handheld gaming platforms will be greater than that held by the combined market share of home console platforms.

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HuntingYou4761d ago

It looks like anyone can say whatever they please now days. we need to start calling out people. show em quotes they said in the past and tell em to STFU

marcellizot4761d ago

Is it not possible that this could happen? Look at the adoption of laptop computers over desktops. People looking for an every man PC solution will more often than not go for a laptop whereas desktops are becoming a niche hardware line for harcore PC gamers, designers and sound engineers.

As soon as the technology is cheap enough I think that we will see a gaming solution that does both. Sure you will be able to link your console to your HD/Holo set but crucially when you leave the house you will be able to take your device with you and play it via it's own in built screen.

Sounds far fetched at present but there are already UMPCs that can easily handle the likes of F.E.A.R. I for one would not rule out some sort of convergence that sees the handheld market encroach on home console technology so as to supplant a large portion of the home console market share.

Diselage4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

Sure laptops have been gaining market share for a while but the desktop is still king last time I looked. Really I feel gaming systems are a very different monster used for very different activities. Just because they can get some work, play, and relaxing done with a laptop doesn't mean that a gaming system that's primary use is for recreation will dominate the market. A larger market share? Sure. Dominate? No.

As long as they don't consider smart phones, pda's, and all the other gadgets as hand held gaming I don't think it'll happen for a while. Maybe in the year 2020

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