Loot: Tokyo, We Have a Problem, Or, What's Wrong With the Playstation 3

In the end, the good news was simply too good to last.

From the beginning of 2006 through the first of this month, the Playstation division has plagued by bad news and negative buzz. There was the Spring 2006 worldwide launch that never materialized, and in hindsight was clearly an attempt to FUD Microsoft's Xbox 360. There was the late-to-begin, darn-near-interminable press conference at last May's Electronic Entertainment Expo, where the fact that Sony had a number of playable games in far better pre-launch shape than did Microsoft the year before was overshadowed by an unexpected two-SKU strategy at much higher-than-expected prices of $499 and $599. The next day, Microsoft announced that Grand Theft Auto IV, which had traditionally launched on Playstation platforms months before any others, would ship simultaneously on Microsoft's console in October 2007--with exclusive downloadable content just for Xbox 360.

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Zaskark24766d ago

the PS3 lacks decent games,decent online,affordable price,decent size,too bulky

BLUE-Crap RAY can kiss my a$$

overrated4766d ago

themart and jenzo and assassyn will give you your acceptence routine later on tonight, but for now watch your bubbles rot.

True Gamers all the way we dont need [email protected] like these people. ha ha ha ha ha

sparco4766d ago (Edited 4766d ago )

BTW Overrated, you only have two bubbles yourself.

Back on topic. What i've said below is based on my British experience of the Playstation when i was younger (before i bought an Xbox with Halo2 and became quite an avid gamer)

I think that there is only ONE reason the ps3 is selling the way it is, and that is the price. The Playstation is the known name for video games. Ask ANY person if they know what a Playstation is, and they will know. But in my oppinion, I think the playstation market is dominated by 9 to 18 year old casual players (Fifa, Need for Speed and the Grand Theft Auto type). The type of people that, every now and again, get a few friends over to play a game of Fifa together and have a laugh, or race each other on Need For Speed. Imo, thats what the Playstation was; a two player console. But now, with the PS3's super high price, hardly any of these casual players can afford to pay this amount of money to play it "every now and again". As soon as that price begins to decrease, i can see the Playstation sales gradually increase. Thats the time i think the Playstation will begin to take over once again. The only thing that may stop this from happening is the time it takes for the price to finnaly drop. The longer it stays expensive, the less and less the Playstation will be the "casual console", therefore stopping sales from rising.

ASSASSYN 36o4766d ago

The big ones fall harder. Die on the way down $ony

Violater4766d ago

You guys fail to see the diff sides to the circumstances which were being made.

SmokeyMcBear4766d ago

oh but hes being biased.. oh my god so biased.. dude its the same guy the 360 trolls were trashing on the exact same artcile against the 360, some valid points, as with the other article he wrote against the 360. Its a long way off.. it hasnt even begun until tomorrow. Game on

GaMr-4766d ago

TITIES !!!!!


SmokeyMcBear4766d ago

haha if someone would appreciate it, it would be you... and our powers combine we form.... haha

Thugbot1874766d ago

Tut I’m sorry but you just don’t offer anything to T&A that I can see.

Tut4766d ago

Pfft! I offer racial diversity and partial nudity!!! =)

ammojoe4766d ago

Giggity Giggity Gig ga dy....

nix4765d ago

i like where this is going.... q: yummy!

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Ps30074766d ago

The PS3 is STILL here and its STILL selling.. Get over it losers.

TheMART4766d ago

And it sold 1.6 million units in almost a half year...

The 360 sold 10 million in a year. How will the PS3 ever catch up? 1.6 million units in a half year, 3.2 million in a year if it goes on like that. Pathetic

fenderputty4766d ago

@5.1 Depending on what chart you use, it's more then 1.6 million. It's over 2 million on VG. Not to mention, the first 4 months (not 6) didn't include Europe. You're such a tool.

r10004766d ago

"The 360 sold 10 million in a year"

It recently just hit the 10 million mark... and it's been out for 17 months... not a year...

ER1X4766d ago

Who would have guessed it?

Kyur4ThePain4766d ago

is the fact that Sony doesn't give a hoot about the so-called console war. They're in it for the royalties on movies and they're leading. MS could sell 200 360's for each PS3 sold...doesn't make one little difference to the reality of what's happening, and some people just can't handle that truth. Now THAT's pathetic.

SmokeyMcBear4766d ago

to be honest, i don't think mart is even past addition and subtraction in school.

dantesparda4766d ago (Edited 4766d ago )

So give up on their most lucrative department, for some Blu Ray royalties? that amount to what? Im sorry but that's both moronic, and very conspiratorial. And Mart that was just stupid, at least if you're gonna say things like this, then at least get your numbers right. 6 months to 1 year!?
And another thing, this whole Nexgenwars vs VGcharts thing. Look people, the truth is neither side is using these number correctly, if you're a 360 fanboy then you will use the nexgen numbers (because they are higher) and if you're PS3 fanboy, then you'll use Vgchart's no.'s for the same reasons. People, you's cant do that. For accuracy's sake, just use the range of both, so you could say 1.65 to 2.15 million or 9.66 to 10.81 million. It'll make you look more credible. Otherwise nobody will take you seriously. Well not that anybody on this site does (take anybody seriously) Its just one big fanboy fight after another on this site! i garauntee you's though that when you get older and think back to this, you will realize just how stupid and silly this is. Fighting over video games.

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