GTA IV teaser appears on US TV

Forumites across the Atlantic have been reporting that a GTA teaser trailer was shown from 2am to 2.30am EST on the FX channel's infomercial slot.

What's intriguing about the ad is the way it mimicked the holding page you see at the official site and then... well that's it. It did nothing else. According to those who saw it (insomniacs and night shift workers by the sound of it) it displayed the GTA IV logo and a countdown ticked away in the background. At the end of the half hour the usual 'Not Yet Rated' voice was heard and the trailer ended.

Rockstar Games in the UK have confirmed it was an official trailer but couldn't comment on whether a similar ad would appear on British TV. That's not going to stop us skipping through all the late night Sky channels at 3am in the morning just in case it shows up, though.

In the meantime, to get an idea of the experience, head over to the official site and see if you can stick it out for half an hour. And don't forget - to see the real trailer you'll need to be sat at your computer at 11pm UK time next Thursday. Cancel everything and be there. You know it'll be worth the wait.

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Sphinx4762d ago

if I had watched the whole thing thinking they'll show something good at any second... then BAM! "This game is not yet rated", next infomercial. I'd be uber pissed.

PS360PCROCKS4761d ago

Wow that's great Rockstar are the greatest at playing games, just that ridiculous useless commercial got EVERYONES attention, that's all they gotta do...It's like when you go to the theater to see star wars and the second you hear that "Bum bum bum bum" you get all excited and start clapping like it's the greatest thing ever and nothings even on screen

HuntingYou4761d ago

up urs rockstar. This is total BS.....we wont put up with it.

ok. Take my 60 bucks and give me that crackrock, im start to itch

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