N4G Community Forums Goes Live!

The N4G forums are now live. This has been by far the most requested site feature so we are very excited to announce the opening of the N4G Community Forums. The forums are integrated into your current user accounts, so if you are already a N4G member you do not have to register to post in the forums. However you might have to log out and log in again the first time you visit the forums. If you do not have an N4G account yet, please click here to register your username. We also suggest that you use the same avatar image in the forums as you do on the main site, as this will make for a much more user friendly experience for everybody.

Click Here to visit the forums (we have also added a link to the forums in the section menu)

(The forums are still in beta so please make sure you report any technical problems with the forums in the "Site Suggestions and Help" forum)

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Geohound5250d ago

now we can have fourm flame wars about Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3.

overrated5250d ago

you will be banned, read the rules on there

Rasputin20115250d ago

I know im going to sound like a complete caveman BUT whats the difference between this and the forum?

overrated5250d ago

cant get the wankers in there who are the preachers of MS or Sony

so its great :)

DEIx15x85250d ago

No bubble limit on the forums ?

Torch5250d ago

Nice work. Looking forward to it!

ryanjtravis5250d ago

Makes perfect sense - glad to see this. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.