Black Xbox 360 'confirmed'

According to Microsoft has now confirmed that a long-rumoured black Xbox 360 will be hitting the streets soon.

The model, called the Elite pack, will be the highest spec of the three 360 packages on offer, with a 120GB hard drive and an HDMI output (plus an included cable). The Premium pack has 20GB of storage space and no HDMI, while the cheaper Core system no hard drive and no HDMI. The Elite pack will not include an internal HD DVD drive.

Update: has now updated their story and removed the claim that Microsoft officially confirmed "Elite"

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DC RID3R5250d ago

find Boink :]

hmm MAJOR news eh? hehehe


5250d ago
OC_MurphysLaw5250d ago

technically it is pretty major news...its just we all new it was coming for sometime now so ...its not exactly major in our eyes. But to the rest of the definitely competes with the highend PS3 now.

hfaze5250d ago

Yep... it definitely compares to the 60GB PS3... In price too! ;-)

I was SOOOO hoping that Microsoft would drop the core, drop the price on the premium to the core price, and have the elite somewhere a little over $400, but that didn't happen... =P

zonetrooper55250d ago

Well i don't need the HDMI but i will have the 120GB hard drive.

Optimus Prime5250d ago

that is what i am going to be doing, just getting the harddrive, maybe in a few years go the black 360. but mine is lovely right now. i dont need hdmi yet.

Imknow15249d ago (Edited 5249d ago )

Yeah, more interested in the hard drive than the system. Besides, the 360 Elite would be a good purchase for those who don't own a 360 yet :D

Anego Montoya FTMFW5250d ago

So basically current 360 owners are gettin screwed.

XxZxX5250d ago

no they are not. It's the people who bought Elite pack get screwed.
$479 for HDMI and 120GB but no HD-DVD... I'm so pass on this one. I would rather just get the 120GB drive and screw this black color. HDMI I dont need HDMI because the only sane reason for getting HDMI is to watch 1080p movies and that will make it up to $678 if i wanna go HDDVD. Pass... Good thing no present owner got screwed.

fjtorres5250d ago

My Box still does everything it did when I got it.
And if I ever need a bigger HD (not yet, but maybe some day) there will be one.
Even if it cost less than I paid (which it won't, it will cost *more*) I've been beating the crap out of mine for a whole year.

What's the big deal? Why should any existing owner feel slighted?
That its "kewl" black?