SDF: Let's Boycott Capcom

It seems as if the SDF (Sony Defence Force) community are starting to get a little "hot under the collar" nowadays. Having learnt that some of their favourite IP's are no longer exclusive (DMC4), they've started a petition in order to boycott capcom.

Think of the kids SDF.................think of the kids

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techie4757d ago (Edited 4757d ago )

haha it's as if the ps3 isn't getting it at all.

To below - so I suppose that's the same for the 360 when it launched? Selling less units than the ps3 has sold in its first 4months? 1,117,000 compared to ps3's 1,160,500 in the US? Just wondered...

Monchichi0254757d ago

How about we boycott all Sony products so they don't sell and sit on store shelves and collect dust!!!

Wait, what did you say.........?????

Sony products are already going unsold because nobody wants them?!?!


OC_MurphysLaw4757d ago

straight from the petition: "We (The people that have signed this petition) feel very left out in your decision to make Devil May Cry 4 a Multi-Platform title, and hereby agree to boycott your sale of Capcom affiliated games. This is due to your decision to turn your back on your most faithful gaming company. For years we have enjoyed games, we have reaped the benefits of your committment to Sony. We find it absolutely demoralizing for not only the gamers, but also Sony itself. We want you to know that will not, and should not stand for your actions, and therefore withold our option of buying your product."

OMG...this is the true ugly side of being a fanboy!

"We (The people that have signed this petition) feel very left out in your decision to make Devil May Cry 4 a Multi-Platform title..." HOW exactly do they feel left out when the game is being made for their system too? I mean seriously....this is so incredibly retarded its almost not funny! ...however it is just way too funny!

Anyone who would sign this is first off in denial if they don't think they take their video gaming a little too far. Second they probably also need to do a personal evaluation of I am guessing they are a version of the "40yr Old Virgin" crossed with a dose of "Failure to Launch".


OC_MurphysLaw4757d ago (Edited 4757d ago )

Someone actually clicked on disagree on my comment. mean to tell me someone is actually trying to defend this ridiculous petition? RFLOL.....PRICELESS!

Gamer luv4757d ago

Yeap, the dude who wrote it lol

What a friggen tard he must be.

As if anyone who signs it, is gonna think, "No, ill miss out on playing this great game just because Xbox 360 fans can play"

DEIx15x84757d ago

That paragraph translated to what the head of Capcom is going to hear is, "We the sony suckers do not agree with your decision to try and make money by offering your games to everyone so please leave us out and go 360 exclusive!"

THWIP4757d ago

...that is truly pathetic. 0_o

Anego Montoya FTMFW4757d ago

cant even think of anything to say about this.

XxZxX4757d ago

pathetic to the max. LOL KIDS

Robotz Rule4757d ago

Stop with all this Devil May Cry sh*t,I've seen way too much,so it's multiplatform,big deal!

sabbath4204757d ago

you must one that signed the petition. poor little fella.

XxZxX4757d ago

I don't know they are so pathetic or so stupid.

Boycotting Capcom on PS3 platform will make Capcom go to XBOX 360 even more. Stupidity i must say.

TOM4757d ago

As a 360 fan I signed it too.thing about it,if all 360 fans sign then the ps3 could possibly lose MORE games.Not too smart,whoever came up with this very stupid petition. BTW,I'm an ex sony fan,just couldnt take it no more.bailed out when the thired ps2 started skipping.(though i must admit ,it still works,its just unplayable)