IGN: Infamous Impressions

Typical, isn't it. You wait years for a superhero-tinged open-world game and then two come swinging from the rafters in tandem. Sony and Sucker Punch are pitting the launch of inFamous precariously close to that of Activision's superficially similar Prototype, but from an extended hands-on with the game it seems that Sucker Punch's game has the brain and brawn to win out in this particular comic-book duel.

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morganfell3472d ago

I have had this paid off since it was first shown. I knew with certainty that Sucker Punch would not disappoint. Heroes, Unbreakable, and Star Wars Jedi Knight all rolled into one.

CaseyRyback_CPO3472d ago

I have no problem with that, but the people that pretend they are going to get one or the other, when the only similarity is just the Camera perspective.

Infamous from its media definitely seems like there is a deeper story focus, as long as it has its moments of mindless fun for when you get stuck or finish. I'll be happy.

Its great to see what a PS3 sandbox game can look like, rather than comparing multiplatform offerings. Its just a shame that all multiplats can't look & play their best this generation.

morganfell3472d ago

Casey, this is the main reason I support the PS3. I want the absolute best experience from a title that can be had. The PS3 and it's feature list - including peripheral pluses like Youtube uploading - are the reason.

I am adamant about the PS3 but that is really just the gamer in me that knows the best version could be had were it a PS3 exclusive. At the very least, were developers and publishers not so idiotically insistent upon making the two versions the same then we would see more multiplat variance and PS3 gamers would get a feature list beyond the norm.

It makes me shake my head as devs didn't cut achievements when the PS3 had no trophy support so why cut Home, Youtube, superior graphics, superior sound advantageous storage medium (Bluray), and HDD availability. Fair is fair as they say...until MS gets the short end of the stick.

sonarus3472d ago

prototype is a brute force game while infamous is more of a finesse game. Sucker punch > radical entertainment. Infamous shall also be greater than prototype

ape0073472d ago

it looks promising,addictive and satesfying

sony,what can I say,countless amazing exclusives,you deserve respect


respect 4 sony

Lifendz3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Greg Miller did. Not to big him up too much because his yelling is very annoying, but he's played InFamous since it was first available and is one of the few in the entire gaming media, let alone his site, that points out the differences between the two games. SuckerPunch is going to need PS3 owners interested in one or the other to, obviously, choose inFamous.

I'm getting Infamous just because, as a PS3 only owner, I know a game built for the PS3 is going to be better than one that isn't. I'll rent Prototype, but I'm buying infamous.

meepmoopmeep3472d ago

anyone know if Best Buy gives you the preorder bonus too?
i'd rather buy it from there to collect reward points.

if not i'll go to EBGames

- Ghost of Sparta -3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

If you pre-order Infamous from Best Buy you'll get the demo. The Giga-Watt Blades are exclusive to GameStop, sadly. Too bad 'cause I hate shopping there.

meepmoopmeep3472d ago

ok cool

i'll get it off EB games (code and stuff)
then cancel it and walk across the street to Best Buy :P

Jinxstar3472d ago


When I talked to the guys at GS they have been having a lot of that lately. Apparently it's only when you have the game they give you the code... I guess you could get the code. Walk out. Walk in and return it... Thats kinda messed up though...

Buttons3472d ago

Sweet. I've loved Sly since forever. <3 Sucker Punch. I should be preordering from GameStop (don't make fun of me...I want those Gigawatt blades) soon

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remanutd553472d ago

i really like that sucker punch opted for a new ip instead of sly 4 , they went the way Insomniac and Naughty Dog did , i like that and i will support them , btw the game looks really cool

morganfell3472d ago

Agreed. They'll come back to Sly but this shows they were willing to take a risk and step out there. This was also a bit of an valuable lesson for them and it will benefit the future Sly game as well as the inevitable inFamous sequel.

remanutd553472d ago

yes you are very right i think they will come back to sly after Infamous but i really like that they were willing to take the risk like Insomniac and Naughty Dog did, who would have thought Insomniac would come out with a first person shooter game this genereation??? and the best story for a fps game that i have play this gen so far , man that was a nice surprised then Naughty Dog came up with one of the greatest action/adventure games i have ever played , man im expecting a really good game from Sucker punch , they havent let me down yet and i dont think they are about to either

TheHater3472d ago

I wasn't surprise. Unlike Nintendo, Sony don't rely on the same icon in every generation. Every generation, Sony first party studios create more iconic characters for a new system and don't rely too much on the iconic characters that made the previous system successful.

morganfell3472d ago

Definite agreement on Uncharted. In the movies the tag line was when you think of adventure, one name comes to mind - Indiana Jones. But when I do the same thing with games, Uncharted is the first game I think of. For me, and many others, it is simply the best adventure game ever.

remanutd553472d ago

i always expect new ips from sony each generation too , thats why i have always support them, well that and by the time i started gaming it was all about nintendo and sony but the my point was who would have thought Insomniac would come out with a first person shooter game this genereation??? i mean it never crossed my mind but im glad they did , i love resistance story , Naughty Dog didnt make that much of a change between jack and uncharted(both are action/adventure games) , they did go more mature though as Sucker Punch did with Infamous coming from sly in the ps2 era different games same genre but i do expect lots of new franchises from sony each generation and this one havent been an exception, sonys owned franchises continue to grow

na2ru13472d ago

I strongly agree. And that is also the same reason I support Playstation as a whole. New IPs can be a very big motivation factor for both the gamer and the developers to keep at it, to keep the gaming market alive and interesting.

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LarVanian3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Good preview. It sounded like IGN UK liked it.(They are usually quite hard on PS3 exclusives).
This game will be another great way to celebrate the end of my school career lol.

EDIT @ peedie16
Fair enough but I'd say AU would go a little bit easier on games.

peedie163472d ago

@ LarVanian

IGN UK and AU are hard on games period.

jBat173472d ago

the only AAA the crapbox has these days is the battery for its controller.. ROFLMAO

morganfell3472d ago

Speaking of which I have 3 dead ones here. Two black ones for my HALO edition controller and the white replacement. All dead.

Were that not enough of a kick to the jimmies, my proprietary HALO wireless 360 headset just died a few days ago. meanwhile my PS3 has been used far far more and the controllers there have been flawless. My headset - a bluetooth - shows no signs of dying.

Pennywise3472d ago

Oh morgan, you are just a delusional fanboy. You know your controllers work just fine. Quit spreading the lies!!!! LOL /s

na2ru13472d ago

is that they both de-synchronise anyway. I have to either wait for the 360 controller flash by itself or reset the xbox.

morganfell3472d ago

You are so right Pennywise. I have been using those same controller batteries to play Killzone 2 on my 360!

GiantEnemyCrab3472d ago

I find the PS3 controllers hold a charge for sh*t when compared to my 360 controllers. Constantly having to charge them with that pityful 4ft cable they give you. Can't imagine when I have to replace the batteries..

Never had a problem with the 360 controllers or play and charge kits.

Speaking of building up.. We on the overhype train again with InFAMOUS huh? So far it looks good I would not even go near the AAA label for this game.

Kleptic3472d ago

i've been following prototype and infamous a little more lately than otherwise...and have been somewhat starved of a great single player game since MGS4 nearly a year ago...

Infamous rather quickly is edging out prototype though...visually infamous has come a long way since last fall...

but I by no means am falling into any hype for the game...this is 100% a title i'll watch reviews closely looks good, but since its SP only...this karma thing has to really give it some replay that otherwise wouldn't be there...I also have not really liked ANY open world games that have come along this generation so far...the days of being happy with GTAIII for 3 years are simply that consoles have online capabilities; devs really have to come up with fresh ideas to sell me a sp only title...

but its safe to say that so far only infamous is on my radar...if it hits mid 80's overall, i'll probably by it...if it dips much lower than that...a rental at best I would will take a hell of a single player game to get me out of warzone any time soon...

crab and anyone else arguing about controller life times...whatever...i can play 6 hours straight of non stop rumble killzone 2...literally you get 30 seconds between rounds where the controller is not flipping out...i've played 6 hours of gears 2 as well...if you are using rechargeable batteries tacked onto a 360 controller, that is about all you get...if you are packing in one use AA's, yeah it lasts longer...but you are buying the damn things...we could argue day and night about won't change anyone's opinion about which console is why bother?...

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