Paddy Power Bets On PS3

Says it will sell out in 60 seconds.

Irish betting outfit Paddy Power reckons the PS3 will fly off the shelves tomorrow, making it the most successful console launch ever. The bookie expects all of the units to be sold out after just 60 seconds of shop-doors opening.

So, naturally it's offering you the chance to win some dosh and even a PS3 by guessing which launch game will be the most popular. Resistance: Fall of Man is currently the 6/4 favourite, whilst Sonic the Hedgehog is running rings around himself at 100/1.

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Eric Shun4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

This makes no sense... People are just buying a name, an expensive ugly looking machine that has only 19 games up to date, 13 of these games are out for the 360. How could people be getting so hyped about this piece of contraption.

caffman4759d ago

if I put enough down I maybe able to afford a PS3. Or a better offer, another 360 for the bedroom and £149 worth of beer!