First Xbox 360 Elite Pics?

Engadget reports: "We can't guarantee that any black Xboxen from here until the launch of the Xbox 360 Elite won't just be shots of the original 360 dev kit that was sent around, but they're pretty convinced by this first batch of "confirmada" Elite pics that sprung up.

Let's be honest here -- the only thing that's gonna be different is the black plastic (which we've been seeing for a while) and some new box art. The real and important differences, friends, will be under the hood, and it's those things we're stoked to find out more about.

Update:'s trusted source that confirmed the Elite let them know that these shots are quite fishy; they don't have the same plastics details as the real Elite, nor does the retail box match up. Sorry folks, chalk this one up to the usual group of bored, fanatical photoshoppers.

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TheMART4767d ago


Just like the PS3 black grill is ugly as hell. Black TV's are so 80's. White on the other hand is nice in the living room. Seen Samsung white 32 inch HDTV? Nice with the white 360

Black equipment makes me think of going back in history. The original xbox was black and it was too present in the room. The 360 just blends in so nice

Neutral Gamer4767d ago (Edited 4767d ago )

I agree with you on this one mate; the black 360 just doesn't look good.

Why couldn't they have made it silver and shiny rather than dull and black so that it could blend in nicely with modern AV equipment?

At least the black PS3 actually looks shiny and expensive. Damn, looks like I'll have to use the car wax yet again if I ever decide to upgrade ...

mandrake4767d ago

I think Shane Kim alluded to the reason for the new color. It's necessary to prevent consumer confusion between the premium and the elite SKUs. Note that once the old premium stock is sold out (probably on the cheap) everything will be white again.

I'm still waiting to hear if the elite will be using the new 65 nanometer chips.

neogeo4767d ago

it looks like a fisher price toy...Sooo 80's

Says you4767d ago (Edited 4767d ago )

It only has HMDI and a bigger HDD theres nothing new in
this system what a waste of money you guys are pathetic actually
going to buy such a crapy console when they should've just made
the HDD and not the 360 itself.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4767d ago (Edited 4767d ago )

So the company thinks the one they sold you isn`t good enough.
This is a wierd decision to make right now.
So soon.
Don`t look good.
Some of ya are gonna have to buy another one or lose out.

This WILL cause drama after it`s release

BIadestarX4767d ago

It's already causing massive drama.
The interesting thing is that it's not within the xbox fans.
Intead Sony fanboys or people that don't even own a 360 are growing hemroids over the idea of a new SKU.
As if a stupid HDMI port is going to change gameplay or how the games look.

Vfor54767d ago

Is anyone else pissed that they just recently bought a 360 and didn't know about this? Wish i would have waited now.

Grown Folks Talk4767d ago

talked sh*t and b*tched when it didn't have it, now they do the same when it will. microsoft said it wasn't needed at release, but, pay attention now, if consumer demand dictated, they would do something about it. the key thing to remember is, you DON'T have to buy it. if you bought a core, you most likely don't care about that stuff anyways. on top of that, a high number of people with the premium won't have any use for hdmi or even the hard drive space at this time. it's almost like complaining about the core PS3. it's not good enough so they had to make the premium with wi-fi and card readers and a bigger hard drive. the only difference is microsoft didn't put them out at the same time. did people b*tch this much when the slimline came with built-in ethernet and a better cpu?

Hymons4767d ago

"did people b*tch this much when the slimline came with built-in ethernet and a better cpu?"

I don't believe they did. Yet, how long after the original PS2 did they start making the slimline? Take that into consideration, compared to how long the 360 has been out. I think I see a difference.

To me, I would feel more ripped off if they did what Microsoft are doing to the 360 compared to what Sony did to the PS2.

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The story is too old to be commented.