FFXIII exclusivity... under discussion? A different view

PS3 Fanboy reports: "Some may twist this into thinking that Sony might be losing exclusivity to the coveted Square-Enix title. We remain cautiously optimistic. Perhaps Square was looking at going to other consoles, but Sony realizes they need this game (need is a tricky word, but let's go with it). They tell Square to sit down, enjoy some brunch. Let's discuss. Basically, instead of assuming the title was exclusive and that may be changing, let's assume it was not exclusive, but Sony is finally making that jump."

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The Snake5250d ago

I think this is exactly what is going on. It's what I'd do if I were Sony.

But then again lately Sony has rarely done what I'd do if I were Sony so maybe not...

GaMr-5250d ago

"Besides, there were never those "Only on PS2!" stickers when Final Fantasy X, X-2, and XII"

Only one company boasts every single game they own like that and it makes you wonder.

DJ5250d ago

Can you imagine those posted all over God of War, or SOTC? =P

XxZxX5250d ago

It's funny that people can took one word and spin it to whatever they believe. I do have my believe, but I believe this article is right. but dont count out Microsoft wont have brunch with Square enix too.

ASSASSYN 36o5250d ago

Yeagh it is funny that people can took one word...WHAT!

Contra265250d ago

you know who is in the discusion?

not the PS3 fanfags... not the 360 fanboyz

but its between

Square & the installment base of the 360

cuz either way... FF is going to the PS3....

It's just that... the 360's action (not talk) is so loud that square has to listen

ALIEN5250d ago

That's what u have to do, sit and talk, because we ps3fans need this game. FF is my favorite series and i want to play them on my favorite console "ps3" even though i like the 360 too, i want to see FF series "at least this one" on the ps3.


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The story is too old to be commented.