meepmoopmeep5276d ago

i must resist watching it.
only a week till it's in my ps3

Rybnik5276d ago

I didn't order so I am happy. It looks AWESOME!

Kevin McCallister5276d ago

Looks better than I thought. Now I'm really wishing I didn't have to cancel my import. Didn't know the song from the trailers would be the battle music, but I like it.

Domenikos5276d ago (Edited 5276d ago )

Gameplay seems to be fluid and clear

Gun attacks are really generic.

Music is nice


still wondering what this game can achieve as an exclusive title...

Edit: FFXIII release date... Winter 2009 ^^ thats all folks

FFXIII versus confirmed PS3 exclusive worldwide

sack_boi5276d ago

Spoiler alert!
How van I unsee this!?
The demo (which is only using half of the PS3's capabilities BTW) is really, really awesome. Now I'm even more excited about the game. But beware, it contains HUGE SPOILERS!

iamtehpwn5276d ago

This game is going to be up there with FF4, 6, 7, 8 and X.
It looks amazing.

Seeing this game running in motion, it looks fantastic!

shawnsl655276d ago

the demo looks good. I am liking that battle system. I sure hope they don't put in the gambit system.. that kinda takes the fun out of it.

phosphor1125276d ago

But I would have rather preferred a straight into battle thing, kind of like 12 did. I don't understand why they did to be honest, unless they do a quick load to optimize settings for battle? I mean, becaues it looks like 12, you come across bad guys like 12, but it "loads (like a second at most) into a battle once again play it like 12 lol..I dont understand it to be honest.

Anyways, looks good regardless.

phosphor1125276d ago

The art style is bad ass.

Also, I see how the gameplay works. Seems really nice. Oh, and agreed, battle music is awesome. Not exactly what I had in mind..but it is CA-TCHY!

Saigon5276d ago

looks makes that article from earlier today seem mute...i wish this was not delayed as much as it was...

Aclay5276d ago

Watched the entire demo playthrough and it was really amazing, and of course, the graphics were top notch.

The music playing during battles made them seem even more epic. The production values of this game are just through the ROOF.

... One can only wish that ALL of SquareEnix's games could have this kind of production value.

shawnsl655276d ago

i saw an upgraded Helghast in one of the fight scenes

cayal5276d ago

I am now getting excited for this title.

I was very meh about it for a long long time (even before the multi-plat was announced).

sunnygrg5276d ago

Whatever people say about the gameplay mechanics in Final Fantasy. The music is something else. The end tune was catchy, really.

pain777pas5276d ago

I like what I saw. I'm intrigued to play the finished product. I hope the trailers at least for Versus will be on the US version.

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TheHater5276d ago

It look good. I just hope there is more characters with traditional JRPG weapons such as swords and other ancient weapons. I hate using guns in FRPG's.

Rybnik5276d ago (Edited 5276d ago )

Well, this one is really futuristic so... you may be disappointed

ot: can't believe this hasn't hit the main page yet..

TheHater5276d ago

look like I might be. But Lighting has a sword so she will be my main character.

Flipgeneral5276d ago

Not down with the guns either... wait, I liked using Barret from FFVII..

God, the fanboy wars has even penetrated the chat with the live streaming.

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Max Power5276d ago (Edited 5276d ago )

"treasure" is in english. how hard is it to have english subtitles?

meepmoopmeep5276d ago

well, for the demo, i'd have at least hoped the menu's would be in english

that' wouldn't be as hard as making all the dialogue english.

dammit, i just need the menu's to be english

DNAgent5276d ago

The battle system is horrible just as I expected. That's one of the things FF12 actually got right and then they go and screw up the new game with this garbage. I wasn't going to play the game in the first place but if the thought was to ever cross my mind before, it won't now. At least FFvs13 will have a better battle system (it's supposed to be like Kingdom Hearts; maybe Crisis Core?) but that game doesn't really interest me either.

As predicted, this game will follow the other mediocre garbage that S-E has been pushing out and will continue to push out.

Gue15276d ago (Edited 5276d ago )

Horrible my ass! I almost had an orgasm just watching it and it's just a demo!

Graphics are almost CGI quality!!!

BTW Kingdom Hearts is just a button masher and Crisis Core had a really horrible battle system. Don't be a fanboy just because the game's not exclusive to PS3 anymore.

II Necroplasm II5276d ago

almost?! Ha!

you should see my floor right now!

* gets up and gets a towel *