Game: PS3 launch is stronger than Wii and 360

High Street retailer GAME has told that it expects the PlayStation 3 launch will be far stronger than that of the Wii or Xbox 360 – due to a good supply of consoles leading to less disappointment amongst eager consumers.

While Nintendo admits it's still struggling to supply units to retail, and the Xbox 360 release was marred by a slow supply of consoles months after launch, GAME sees Sony's stock building as essential to pleasing every consumer who wants a PlayStation 3.

"It's very unusual that we're going to be in a situation where we've got enough stock to fulfill demand in the short term – that's never happened before," commented Anna Macario, marketing director at GAME.

"Sony withheld the release of the PS3 in order to build up stock levels for launch. The situation with the Xbox 360 was terrible and the Wii doesn't even hit the sides when it comes in."

"I think this is a very good move on Sony's part – it won't have that negativity of not being able to supply enough units," she said.

Macario wouldn't be drawn on how quickly GAME is likely to sell out of its PS3 allocation, but believes that customers turning up on launch day should be able to get their hands on the next-gen console whether they've pre-ordered or not.

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ownallconsoles5250d ago

i knew it. No other console can take down the king of the industry. Sony is too good. And with Europe now under Sony, the rest of the world will fall behind. Sony wins Again.

PSN Starfleets5250d ago

You are as stupid as you look in that avatar young man

techie5250d ago (Edited 5250d ago )

as stupid as your pic? Who is that? Harry Potter?

SUperman returns? lol ok...yes I'll rush out to watch that. I am a Philosophy and film studies major so my film watching is very wide. Cartoons? It's LBP mate...a legend of a game in my eyes.

The Snake5250d ago

Kinda looks like one of the bad guys from the newest Batman movie.

sak5005250d ago (Edited 5250d ago )

@ Deep/Snake

Atleast Starfleets avatar is more comprehensible than urs. If u stop watching cartoons and watch movies then u would know its clark kent's pic from Superman Returns movie.

BTW the headline should read "EXPECTS" not "IS". Gay reporting.

Scrumptious5250d ago

They simply state there will be no shortages at launch. That doesn't truly mean a better launch, as demand will be similar to the rest of the world (very low). So everyone that actually wants to spend obscene money on this product will be able to do so.

PS3n3605250d ago

how you got that from this article. Sounds alot more like there isnt the demand for the console king this time but time will tell. It may seem silly but honestly the absense of rumble and the generally poor design of the controller (now over ten years old) has put me off dispite the other attractive goodies in the black box. I am crumbling slowly though and I anticipate getting one by the fall. Nice to know there wont be any dissappointed europeans out there though they must be just mad with anticipation, like christmas morning in march. Enjoy.

Leon Kennedy5250d ago

That's right. This article was written by a total Sony fanboy. All this junk about "Nintendo admits it's still struggling to supply units to retail" like it's a bad thing. They're struggling to get it to retail because their outselling the PS3 3 to 1. And maybe, just maybe, the PS3's are in stock because the stores are having trouble selling them. I agree with illbientone about the rumble and controller design, too. Blu-ray this, HOME that, 1080p, Cell Cell Cell,.....WHERE'E THE RUMBLE?!? On PS2, R1(L1) is too small and R2(L2) is too far back. There should be one R2 sized shoulder button right in the middle. And the R2 trigger on the PS3, what an unworthy, wonky Xbox ripoff - way too uncomfortable. Microsoft has the perfect idea with the triggers and bumpers.

OK, I'll stop now.

VirtualGamer5250d ago (Edited 5250d ago )

should really hope this is veiwed as a big success for Sony. Wouldn't it be nice going forward that all console manufactures waited until they could actually meet demand for their products on release? No more people buying system to sell on Ebay for huge profits. No more thefts, assualts, robberies, fights, massive line ups for days, and huge disappointement by genuine gamers who wanted a system to actually use instead of sell for a profit. This is the way things should be done and everyone should get behind this type of effort if you ask me.

So put aside your hate for Sony and stop making the fact they are actually meeting demand as being a bad thing.

Violater5250d ago

I don't understand, why do people want the "other" console to fail so badly. What would be gained?? What?
Competition is good for all of us, never has a monopoly been in the best interest of the consumer.
If this were a debate on which GAME is better I would understand, but come on! the differences between these consoles will slowly disappear over time U wait and see. The Games are what matter bring on the Game news, MaMr, Deepbrown ...................

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