Wii Sales: 6 Million and Climbing

The next-gen gaming wars continue, with sales for Nintendo's Wii console passing the six million mark, according to VG Charts. This puts the sell through rate for the console at nearly three times the amount of Sony's PlayStation 3 so far, with PS3 sitting at just over two million units sold. Microsoft's Xbox 360 still possesses a comfortable lead over its competitors at 9.66 Million units sold, though the distance from the Wii is closing fast.

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tk4760d ago

Wow - this sucker is moving fast. At this pace they will overtake MS before the end of the year. Talk about a reverse in fortunes. Good going Ninty...

zonetrooper54760d ago

Nintendo have been making profit with the Nintendo Wii since day one of its release, hopefully Nintendo get more money so they can get more games to appear on their system. I think the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii will have alot of support for the next couple of years. The PS3 will get support buts its gonna be tough.

Odiah4759d ago

They are rather quick to catch up.