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The launch of PlayStation 3 across Europe marks the last of the next-gen consoles to launch in the last of the major global territories. The awkward, difficult, confused and downright bloody painful pre-launch period will be over; judgement, finally, will rest in the hands of the world's consumers.

The launch of the console, however, is really only the beginning of the console war. It's already posing more questions than it answers, frankly; for a start, there is a question mark over the success of this launch. PS3 looks unlikely to sell out in its first week at retail in Europe, and there's really no consensus over what that actually means.

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nice_cuppa5241d ago

we need strong ps3 sales to keep gaming moving forward.

i know ps3 will do good.

we need it to.

i dont have a ps3 yet as the games i like aint on it yet.

but i may get one sooner as i want sony to be strong in the gamesmarket.

people if you can afford a ps3 get one as soon as there is a game you like.

Thugbot1875240d ago

Sony’s is walking a tight rope for sure, and the PS2 is a huge factor.

level 3605240d ago

...the PS3 was built to be a ( Blu-ray ) dvd player for those movie loving fans out there, so Sony keeps flogging a lot of Blu-ray movie softwares...probably in around 6 months or so it would the the other way around, it will actually be a game console ( which is what it's meant to be in the first place and hopefully with more titles to choose from ) for the hardcore gamers.