HDFury - Full 1080p On Any High-tech PC monitor, Video Projector Or Older HDTV/Plasma

HDFury promises to be a true revolution in the world of high definition display. This little innovation allows owners of a PC monitor, video projector or older HDTV/Plasma sets (without HDMI entry) to display in a full resolution of 1080p. For example, a large proportion of TV sets may be 'HD' but they are not 'HD Ready', the HDFury will now make them HD READY! If you own a high quality monitor, projector or TV that does not have a HDMI connector, then you will really love this device! Also if you are a true 'high quality' gamer, then imagine the implications this has for the PS3 or even Xbox 360 HD-DVD.

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Mikey_Gee4756d ago (Edited 4756d ago )

All this is is a gender bender for the most part.

Let's say for example your DVI input accept Digital only. Yup that is correct ... DVI comes in 3 possible ways ..



So ....... if your set's DVI / HDMI is "DIGITAL ONLY" (ala Sharp D92 Aquos and MANY others) and you hook up let's say the 360 using VGA (which is outputting analog) using this device, the only pretty picture you will get on your screen will read something like this ..

"SIGNAL NOT SUPPORTED" ....... regardless of what this little thing says it can do.

Do some reading on AVS (audio visual science) forums.

YOU CAN BUY analog to digital converters, but they are much more than a simple dongle like this and cost a few hundred bucks.

AND EVEN IF IT DID PASS A FULL 1080p .......... your device (montior, TV, Projector) is your bottleneck .... if you TV only has a native resolution of 1366x768 / 720p ......... THAT IS ALL YOU WILL DISPLAY. It is a limitation of YOUR DEVICE !!!



hdmivga4754d ago

Despite your false claims and your beliefs.

HDCP stripper design till now has been outperformed by HDfury.

HDMI source such as PS3 is using a HDMI transmitter.
HDMI and HDCP compatible display have a HDMI input and HDMI receiver

Usually those chipsets(transmitter, receiver) are soldered onto the source or displays PCB.

Display who don't have HDMI input, don't have HDCP chipset.

HDfury like others HDCP stripper that works as man in the middle, like Cypress or vision FC4, have an embedded HDMI receiver chipset.
Therefor this product will ADD a digital input to any analog display !

Instead of having this HDMI/HDCP chipset onto your display PCB (as you bought it prior 2005, no HDMI at that time)
and instead of having this chips on a 'man in the middle" device such as usual HDCP stripper

This CHIPSEt is now included into a small adapter that you can just hook up on any VGA SUB-D HD15 FEMALE input, and it will transform this VGA / RGB input into a DIGITAL input, ready for PS3 or any HDMI source in 720p/1080p !

This product is the Messiah !!
Open your eyes !

kornbeaner4756d ago

but not make it true HD. I have a TVbox that upscale my resolution to 1440 x 900 (bascially the box lets me play my PS2/3 on a vga monitor) . But if done with A\V cable the color gets really washed out. It has to be done either by S-video or Component cables to get a good picture. I can also hook it up to any TV that has a VGA input. weather or not it give me true HD is not really a concern , it works for what I need it to do.

But those looking for a True HD solution, save up and buy a new TV.

hdmivga4754d ago

No it's wrong !

What "they" (the industry) call DIGITAL display, is in fact just a RGB matrix that have a HDMI/HDCP chipset embedded.

Adding HDfury to any ANALOG display will give the same results

So those who want HD or Full HD, and if they have a display which is technically able to display 720p or 1080p, save lot of dollars !
Expand your display lifetime, and it's trade value !