New Quake Wars Screens

7 new screenshots from Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

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Ps3Fanboy7774318d ago

Who knows though guess we shall see how it turns out

esemce4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

For the 360 as the frame rate and overall graphical quality for Quake 4 was sub par compared to even the most mid range Pc, I'm really looking forward to this which you cannot compare to Crysis or UT its more like a futuristic Battlefield2.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4318d ago

How the hell did he get Crysis and UT out of that? Oh wait look at his name Ps3Fanboy777<--- ok thats why. lol did John Karmac hurt your PS3 feelings Ps3Fanboy777?

Covenant4318d ago

Even if it doesn't have the graphical chops of URT or Crysis, if the gameplay's solid, I'll buy it. Looks like pure pwnage to me.