Is Blizzard Too Quick to Ban?

Certain World of Warcraft players are accusing Blizzard of being too quick with the ban-hammer, according to a new report.

Cnet gives a couple examples of players who've been banned on grounds of power-leveling, gold farming or other alleged terms of service violations. But players say that often innocent accounts become swept up in Blizzard's efforts to make the World of Warcraft a pleasant place to play.

For example, players interviewed by Cnet said that leveling up rapidly-even legitimately-is sometimes interpreted by Blizzard as power-leveling, resulting in an undeserved outright ban.

One banned WoW player said, "I was leveling excessively and very fast, which is what power levelers do. [But I had just been playing] late at night to catch up with a friend and just played all day." Blizzard eventually reinstated his account.

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happygamer5241d ago

ok i used to play wow i was known as farsendor one day me and my cousin kept switching who would level me up and we did that for 24 hours and a gm contacted me warning me and explaining rules. i told them about me and my cousin he/she told me to watch what im doing or something.

yeah they jump the gun way to fast they need to settle down and watch people for a while before they decide if they are cheating or not.