Palgn: The PlayStation 3 Backwards Compatibility Test

Palgn quickly test out some of the games.

The following is a list of the games they tested out on their new PAL Australian PlayStation 3 with 1.6 firmware. They looked at what Sony has said about these games and then looked at what their tests have revealed. They tried to test a wide variety of games and it's possible that they missed some of the game errors, so this guide isn't necessarily highly reflective of the full gameplay experience with a given title.

SCES-51719 AFL Premiership 2006:
What Sony Says: Will not work at all.
What our tests reveal: They lie! "AFL Premiership 2005" appears on the list of compatible titles, but AFL Premiership 2006 plays without issues at all.

SCES-53950 F1 06:
What Sony Says: No known issues
What our tests reveal: This game runs fine without any problems at all.

SLES-54002 FlatOut 2:
What Sony Says: Should play with noticable issues.
What our tests reveal: There are two versions of FlatOut 2 listed on the backwards compatibility website and unfortunately we've been stuck with the version that is supposed to play with noticable issues. It's recommended that all PlayStation 2 titles are played in 50hz but with FlatOut 2 we decided to take a gamble and run the game in 60hz. Despite reportedly having issues we didn't encounter any at all, the game ran at full speed.

SLES-54623 Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories:
What Sony Says: Works with noticable issues
What our tests reveal:We didn't encounter anything out of the ordinary, the FMV's all displayed fine and we didn't encounter any slowdown.

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techie4762d ago

Yay! Please test okami pleeeease

overrated4762d ago

nice, i only have 4 PS2 games left :)

~Hhhaha no one is buying a PS3 seeing this line of loosers. My god, three people insane!~

XxZxX4762d ago

I guess 73% is their safe estimation.

Double-Edged4762d ago


sony... uuuhh.. i'm still waiting for Gran Turismo for the psp

someone please tell if the game has been cancelled.

Contra264762d ago

dont you know that Sony messed up!!!

Messed up on so many things... how can they Succeed with PS3 and GT5 is they have failed with the PSP and bringing the GT franchis to the system??

Sony messed up!!!!

feejo4568d ago

What about the graphics, I see image somwhere that PS3 had bad graphics for PS2 games is that fixed now?