Playing Catch Up: Mutant League Football's Michael Mendheim

Today's Playing Catch-Up, a weekly column that dares to speak to notable video game industry figures about their celebrated pasts and promising futures, speaks to Michael Mendheim, creator and co-designer of EA's Mutant League series of sports games.

After working as a freelance graphic designer within the advertising industry through his self-founded New Wave Graphics, Mendheim began working as an illustrator and designer of video game boxes. Though this change in focus saw "the illustration side of the business" put on the backburner, it was through this that he started receiving work as a character and level designer.

Around this time he met Joe Robbins, a designer with Sunsoft, who opened Mendheim's eyes to a love of storytelling in the medium. "I had the good fortune of working with Joe Robbins early in my career," he says. "He helped guide me and also gave me opportunities. The process of making games, particularly story telling through an interactive medium, was fascinating to me."

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