Remote Play not enhanced in latest firmware?

We were told to expect Advanced Remote Play functionality in today's big PS3 update (version 1.6). Looks like we were played the fool: you will not be able to access your PS3's content from any wi-fi point: once again, you must be in wireless range of your PS3. Until they correct this, the Remote Play functionality loses a lot of its purpose: what's the point of being tethered so close to the system?

There are some improvements made in this firmware revision, but they are very subtle. You'll be able to easily register a PSP for Remote Play use by accessing Remote Play from System Settings on PS3. Also, you'll be able to connect a wi-fi bridge to 20GB PS3s, allowing them to interface with PSP like the 60GB versions do.

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techie5250d ago

We knew this already. Do people not read? It was just to get wi-fi for the 20gb version. duh. They are working on the extended psp stuff

MikeGdaGod5250d ago

i saw something about being able to access the ps3 with the psp from any wifi hotspot with this update. unless i'm going crazy

techie5250d ago (Edited 5250d ago )

going crazy scottie. Nice I felt it was a nice quote as well :P

overrated5250d ago

wtf why is this posted?

anyway like my new sig?

~Hhhaha no one is buying a PS3 seeing this line of loosers. My god, three people insane!~

Ps3Fanboy7775250d ago

If you have a psp and a 20gb thats YOUR fault...

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