Firmware Update 1.60 Installed: The Best Update So Far

Here are the official details of Firmware 1.60 wich is up for download at the moment.

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techie4758d ago

Haha it can play wmv's. Aww that's cute. (ps. that is actually sweet for me...i didn't think it would support them, all my music is in wmv's. i can now share a bit of David Bowie with my friends in my space in HOME :)

techie4758d ago

PS3 owners don't actually get background downloading :( We get "back gland downloading" lol

PSN Starfleets4758d ago (Edited 4758d ago )

For when I get my own PS3 later, but you guys are acting like it's a godsend.

GamR, no offence but how many times have you posted a thread about this?

PS3 can play videos, and now can also download things at the

Best console ever. even lets you look at photos?

No fricking way! Why are we waiting then? Where's my credit card..and when I get home, I'm gonna boast about how i can look at photos, download stuff whilst i play, and talk to friends during games - and all the 360 owners will be sick with jealousy

Firmware 1.60, BEST EVER. It's even better than the previous firmwares for the many of them were there? It doesn't getting a tattoo "1.60"

techie4758d ago (Edited 4758d ago )

You sir. All he said was it was the best update since upadtes on the ps3. So what's the problem? Because it is. You can play games with BD.

This is news because this is a direct link to the ps3 website with the official details.
If this update is of no interest to you then go spend your time elsewhere.

PSN Starfleets4758d ago

You just want your own Tattoo.

GaMr-4758d ago (Edited 4758d ago )

Difference between me and you or I should say logical contributor and mindless fanboy.

You-Firmware 1.60, BEST EVER.

Me- 1.60 Best firmware so far.

Point- Fanboys say ever- Logical people say "so far"

TOO LATE: Fanboys already got my bubbles.

Whats even more amusing. You have more bubbles than I do. The Logic of this website.

Fanboys get all the bubbles.

People with a valid point and opinion get shut up.

Go Figure !!!

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The story is too old to be commented.