New Virtua Fighter 5 Screenshots

Today SEGA released a bunch of new screenshots of Virtua Fighter 5. VF5 will sport 17 characters, including many from previous installments. Also, it will include two new characters, Eileen and El Blaze. Of Chinese descent, Eileen "uses a monkey kung-fu fighting style that she learned from her grandfather, a former kung-fu master," according to Sega. As one might gather from the name, El Blaze is a master of lucha libre, the flamboyant style of Mexican wrestling. Scroll down to the image section below to see the new screens.

Gamer136592d ago

Im not into fighting games i rather mortal combat - hope it gos next gen.

pRo loGic II6592d ago (Edited 6592d ago )

Are they fighting on Jello?, they need to take the water effects out or add splash effects.

achira6592d ago

this game looks very good. VF is my favorite Fighting Game, i want it to play so badly !

THAMMER16592d ago

What console was the 1st VF on? Since this is your favorite game. Oh yeah I think it looks good too. I just do not believe you know what you’re talking about ACKIRA.

achira6592d ago

whats your problem ? i played VF on the ps2. go play your boring DAO.

THAMMER16592d ago

The first VF was released in the arcade. This was around the time the first Mortal Kombat was release too. The VF released on PS2 was VF4. I did this to point out that you just have no creditability, as a gamer because all you know is PS2. Sorry I just wanted to give you some thing to think about.

FamoAmo6592d ago

The guys look like plastic dolls. It looks ok but DOA looks way better!! Look at the screens they dont look that good at all. Seriously the dudes look like barbie plastic a@@ dolls!!

THAMMER16592d ago

Some one is not responding.

andy capps6592d ago

You said it looks bad because the characters look like plastic dolls, and then you say that DOA looks much better. DOA is much worse than this as far as the plastic looking characters, IMO. DOA does look better though as far as a graphical standpoint, even though I could care less about either game.

Anerythristic266592d ago

This is the first time ever that I agree with Achira. This game looks allright. Am I intereted in it , yes , will I buy a PS3 for it , No. I have not seen a title yet that would make me run to get a PS3 , including MGS4.

achira6592d ago

thammer1: i didnt say i played the first VF. and i didnt say that i know everything about this game. i only played virtua fighter evolution on ps2 and vf on pc, long ago. i dont unterstand your problem ?

THAMMER16592d ago (Edited 6592d ago )

You are always slamming the 360 and its games. Just like the original post you made here for VF5. I would like to see you post with out starting a fame war that is all. And I can tell you are not as big on gaming as you say you are because the DOA franchise is and will always be better than VF ever could be even if you like the game too. Your posts are always inaccurate also. Basically cut the BS. Please


first off who cares second DoA Sux Mortal Kombat is still the best. And hey Virtual Fighter lost to mortal combat in the arcades remember that. It had the blood and gore that gamers wanted and what did virtual fighter have, some magical looking crap with bad characters to me. Come on you got to love Baraka so just leave achira alone man let him play what he wants

THAMMER16592d ago (Edited 6592d ago )

I only posted on this article to teach a child a lesson for always crying wolf. Please read the post next time. I like VF MK And SF mainly for the joy of playing games. Your alittle slow.

andy capps6592d ago

You agree with myself, or Achira? Personally I'm excited for Killzone PS3, Motorstorm, Warhawk, God of War PS3 (if/when they make it), new Naughty Dog game, new Ratchet and Clank game, Assassin's Creed.. There's more but I am about to pass out here at work (almost time to go!).

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Anerythristic266592d ago (Edited 6592d ago )

This game looks decent , I am still not blown away. This is not showcasing the power of the Cell and RSX...AT ALL. This game looks slightly next gen like most of the 360 launch titles did. I can see it really takes them time to learn how to optimize for the hardware. I am impressed by the lighting on the wrestling steel cage / UFC level , nice.

Edit People like examples of why other people say the things they do. Top row third screenshot on the right look at the backround and the cobblestone floor , very last gen.

bernie6592d ago

I was really looking forward to this, no matter what format, but it still doesn't look great. I also hope this isn't the 'higher res' movie replay (hence no energy bars or timer) as it really needs work.