OXCGN Reviews Hasbro Family Game Night - Connect Four

OXCGN writes:

"I had my reservations with Hasbro's Family Game Night when I originally heard about this Live Arcade game. It is hard enough getting the kids (and myself!) off the console and back to the table with the family with some old fashioned board game fun and what is presented here is intended to do just that."

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Immortal Kaim5048d ago

mmm... guess it actually is for the family? I do like the physical game.

Superfragilistic5048d ago

Although I'm an absolute sucker for some Battleship. :)

Guess it'll keep the kids happy though!

XboxOZ3605048d ago

I like the look of the playrooms actually. Call me silly and paint me with a big red brush . . but it looks cool.

gaminoz5048d ago

Some kids who are horrified by dusty board boxes coming out of the cupboard might be more tempted to play with the family if it's a video game???


darkmurder5048d ago

I hate the fact you have to pay for all of them separately, they could ahve just bundled them all in for 1600, but it is EA....

Steelspawn5048d ago

Might keep the kids happy but I guess these days they are spoilt with games you can buy and probably cant see a reason to leave them sitting on the shelf to play this.

I think it is a great time-waster when you need a break from Fallout etc