Longest LAN Party-world record set by CyberFusion 2009

CYBERJAYA, Malaysia -- About 300 gamers participating in "CyberFusion 2009" played computer games for 40 hours-setting the world record for the Longest LAN Party.

Several multiplayer LAN Party favourites such as the Quake series, Unreal Tournament series and Team Fortress 2 were played. Some were seen continuing their (never-ending) World of Warcraft campaign too.

The previous world record for the longest LAN party was set in August last year in California, where 203 youngsters played video games non-stop for 36 hours.

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forthegamergood3570d ago

Teenage sleepovers full of gamers should start recording themselves, I swear I've broken the 40 hour mark at more than one point with only four other people, tops, hehe. All we needed was the release of Super Smash Bros Melee, a GameCube, and a lot of sugar.

Bob Dole3569d ago

Don't forget the crack! You gotta have rocks in your socks to stay up man.

Tempist3569d ago

That's not much of a record.... Hell, in terms of people and numbers, that's not much either. So for some reason, there were not enough nerds around to do this?