Does PS3's extra power really matter?

It is common knowledge that the PS3 has tons of untapped potential that nobody has even seen yet. As amazing as Killzone 2 looks, it is still not using the complete computing power of this behemoth. With its Blu-Ray capabilities and 8 cores, we can only imagine how amazing games like Uncharted, Gran Turismo 5 and God of War III are going to look as final products. The question is; does it really matter?

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Zeus Lee3566d ago

2 Years Ago:Where is all this power Sony talked about,360 games look better.

1 Year Ago:The Ps3 is roughly equal to the 360,all the games look the same.

Now:The Ps3 indeed has more power than the 360,how do we damage control our way out of the bullsh*t we were spouting ever since it launched...

MURKERR3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

and wonder why his flamebait retarded articles get through? i liked him at first

HHG you need to mod your articles because your becoming a toilet site desperate for hits

Hydrolex3566d ago

man im not gonna lie, I was sooooooooo disappointed in the Ps3 in the first days, I paid 600 bucks and Xbox 360 games looked better.

but after a while when Uncharted and GT5p were released I believed in the ps3

as more exclusived where released, the more I believed

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Marceles3566d ago

Yeah I agree with everyone above, I was a launch PS3 owner and it was torture being at N4G through it lol. I don't think Xbox fanboys that complain about how the 360 gets negative articles all the time have any CLUE how bad the PS3 had it in its first year...seriously it was horrible. The negative 360 articles are still nowhere near how bad the PS3 has had it. We used to get 1 game like every 3 months and it would get flopped to hell. I think the first game I was truly proud to own on the PS3 was Ninja Gaiden Sigma since it got great reviews and the only thing people could say about it was "buh buh the Xbox had it first!". For people that never played it on Xbox got a great 1080p remake of the game, and it also came out around when the firmware update came that made PS3 games look better with Full RGB and Super-White.

There were countless articles of multidemos for Xbox Live while PSN would get updated with a new blu-ray trailer and that's it. Articles of PSN not having anything, articles of how bad PS2's backwards compatibility was until it was finally fixed with the firmware update, articles of no rumble and sixaxis being the worst feature in the history of video games..and yes journalists totally made it seem that way, Gears vs. Resistance 1 articles forever...etc etc etc

I bought a 360 in '07 and it's a great system. I play my PS3 more because I've never really been steered wrong with the PS brand other than the launch of PS2, but I'll admit the Xbox brand improved alot compared to the Xbox 1 days. My 360 Elite hasn't broken yet so I really don't have any complaints about the system, I just get the best of both world.

SuperM3566d ago

lol what a stupid article. Does extra power matter? yes because it means better graphics, and i wuv great graphics. Now stop making totally re-tarded articles like this one. You might aswell make an article that says "is water really needed to survive?" because thats how stupid this sounds.

IdleLeeSiuLung3566d ago

Personally, yes and no! Better graphics is always nice, but graphics difference between 360 and PS3 so far isn't earth shattering. Did I care that Gears of War series doesn't look like KillZone 2 or MGS4. Not really.... Do people playing Halo 3 care? Not really.... Did the extra power in the original Xbox matter in comparison to the PS2? Not really, so why should it suddenly matter now.

Overall a great package with good story line, great gameplay and decent graphics is all I care about. Exceeding in one area alone doesn't matter and that is what I fear about the PS3. GeoW 1/2 was released in the time span that it took to make KillZone 2. Gran Turismo 5 isn't released yet and MGS4 took a while to make too. It appears the development cycle on the PS3 is 4 years. An average game should take about 18-24 months to develop.

I welcome better graphics, but not at the expense of other things.

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edhe3566d ago

Extra power? What extra power?

Oh.. yeah it's HHG, someone that talks crap for the hits. At least he appeals to the Sony acolytes.

At least we all know that the ps3 and 360 are effectively born equal in power, with the 360 having the more intuitive architecture.

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MURKERR3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

in three years the best the 360 has put out is gears, in two years ps3 has bested that with MGS4 and kz2, with god of war and uncharted 2 to follow. there not equal in power its a proven fact on paper and on HD screens across the world,as much as that must hurt you due to the fact you seem to have a love affair with an electronic device.

just keep it real and leave the fanbotness at the door

gaffyh3566d ago

murkerr you are right, but fanboys are blind, they can't see the truth even if it hits them in the face.

SL1M DADDY3566d ago


Come on bud, be real - kay?

If they were truly equal in power then why is it that we have yet to see a game look like Killzone 2 or even Uncharted on the 360? Somebody needs to tell MS to drop the UE3 engine games and come up with something that can tap this power that edhe seems to think is left in the 360. I will argue that I feel that easy architecture makes for lazy developers in many cases but if the two console were truly equal, then in the 12 to 15 months longer that the 360 has been on the market for, you would have thought that we would have seen games better looking ont he 360 than the PS3... But we have not.

I own both and love them for what they offer but being an honest chap that I am, I have to say that the best looking games at the moment are on the PS3.

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kwicksandz3566d ago

Xbox 1 > ps2 horsepower-wise

Barely made a stich of difference apart from a few exclusives like riddick and doom 3. So i would say NO.

Even the gamecube was more powerful but all the devs went where the install base was and didn't bother to utilize the potential of the other systems.

Bob Dole3566d ago

Nowadays the install bases are much closer than they were before... well Wii doesn't count.

BLuKhaos3566d ago

Actually only a few games used DVD9's(Xenosaga 1, GT4, etc.) the rest used DVD5's.

Rainstorm813566d ago

HHG has fell victim to the M$ influence.

It kills me to see this statement being made "gears 1 & 2 came out in the same span as KZ2 development"

What about Uncharted????

Uncharted is graphically leaps and bounds over any third person shooter on 360. TWO YEARS later Uncharted 2 which will be the THE GRAPHICAL KING. So the jump we will see in the uncharted series will me 100 times the jump we've seen in the Gears series and its in the same amount of time.

Not to mention Alan Wake was announced in 05. What the release date on that game again?? oh and where is splinter cell conviction?? OH OK RIGHT

The power dosent matter AT ALL! THE GAMES DO. If you look at the top 10 selling games on 360 4 are exclusive. on ps3 6 are exclusive.


N4Flamers3566d ago

you hit the nail on the head. I agree the ps3 has more power, and the ps3 can make better looking games. The problem is if 3rd party devs will make the games that it deserves. However you are fooling yourself if you think Resistance looks better than gears, those are some major blinders you have on. No reviewers agree with you and no one who actually played both games agrees with you, I mean no one that isnt bitter.

FlameBaitGod3566d ago

Obvsly it has the same power, I mean in 3 years their best exclusives are 5 vs 5 and 4 vs 4 with barely any graphic improvement.

All-33566d ago

First off... the PS3 has only --> 6 <-- SPEs dedicated for gaming.

ONE of 8 SPEs isn't even functional, and is merely redundant to ensure chip yields - while another SPE is reserved for the OS.

As for the show of power = graphics etc... one has merely to point to the upcoming game --> Rage, from id Software.

Rage matches the graphics seen in the opening CGI footage in Killzone 2 --> something that WAS NOT even matched in the --> REST <-- of the in-game cinematics seen in Killzone 2.

maxcer3566d ago

whats with the gears hate pal? i still have the most fun playing gears sessions with buddies. oh sh*t wait a sec it doesn't have the best graphics on a console, i guess i can't enjoy it anymore. Get your head outta your ass and PLAY your games instead of LOOKING at them.

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TheExecutive3566d ago

There are some pretty insane people in this thread.

From people saying that the ps3 and 360 are about equal

to people saying Resistance looks better than gears...

Where the h*ll do you people come from.

raztad3566d ago


You are right. There are "only" 6 SPUs dedicated for gaming related tasks, but man there is a lot of power on those babies :D.

Im a little worried about this gen mutiplat games. Bioshock2, probably MW2 will be looking identical to the last iteration, MLB 2K9 looks like crap compared with The Show. We are yet to see some Rage gameplay running on a console, but you can get a feeling looking at the Wolfenstein game. Red Faction:Guerrilla is looking crappy. Batman and wolverine look decent but not awesome. My point is that third parties have been unable to push KZ2 level graphics and Im doubting if they ever will.

BTW, wasnt KZ2 intro cutscene in-game?

IcarusOne3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

I don't know what happened in the last three years, but the majority of you are on something entirely different. I too am a first gen PS3 owner, got it not long after launch. It looks beautiful sitting next to my 360 Elite. And never during these three years have I seen anything on either system to make me believe the gap between the two is as vast as the fanboys want to believe. It's mass delusion on an incredible scale.

Yes, Gears put out bullshots for Gears. Yes, Killzone put a bullshot target render that they never hit. Both systems hype and fail to deliver on some of their promises. But both systems also offer plenty of enjoyment. Anyone who says differently hasn't gamed on both.

I realize the koolaid is tasty, but it ain't quenching your thirst.

360 man3566d ago

well at the end of the day

hip hop gamer is tryin to run a business

so i guess kudos to him

its a nice juicy way to get traffic to ur site

Saigon3566d ago

it was interesting until i realized where the article was coming from...HHG tell your goons the extra power really does matter...look at the amount of devs that jumped on board the last couple of months for exclusive deals with sony...they are doing it for a reason...

SaiyanFury3566d ago

Does anyone even really care anymore? First it has more power, then it's equal to the 360, then it has more power again. To be honest, I'm tired of reading these "does it really matter?" articles, so I'll admit it openly: I didn't read it. You know what matters? The games. Who gives a flying feck what system is more powerful anymore? Both systems have great looking games, both systems have great experiences. Is the PS3 more powerful? Probably. Do I care? No. I have both and can play both. Man this rabid web "journalism" needs to stop...

XLiveGamer3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

More time dedicated to Graphics Quality and less attention and good developing of Game play = Boring Games.

Most of the developers are paying more attention to graphics and not game play and this Next Gen its looking more like a Art Museum than what its supposed to be.

I want games with new ideas and interaction in game play that is what i really care the most.

Thanks for Great Graphics NOW give me good game play dammit!

In this Next Gen each company compared their respective console with exotic cars. Microsoft compared the Xbox 360 with a Ferrari and PS3 with a Lamborgini. But in this industry the Track is like a Laguna Seca or Tsukuba Circuit and not Nurburgring.

@ JokesOnYou

What its giving PS3 a clear advantage its the space Blu-Ray Disk have period. But in what the consoles can trow in Graphics are identical on PS3 any ported game from Xbox 360 looks slightly less compared to X360 but a ported PS3 on Xbox 360 looks identical or X360 is slightly better in color quality. But where PS3 really show power is on the Space of Blu-Ray. Now some people here are complaining about DVD space on Xbox 360 (PS3 fans of course) but they don't own the console and they are not the ones swapping disk. Now when you go back in time on PS2 games NOBODY complained about it. But its funny to see everybody praising the so slightly overhyped "Cell Processor" and Not nVidia. People are dumb enough in this next gen to say that only games like MAG are going to be possible on Xbox360... time its going to prove you wrong PS3 fans. The problem with games with that quantity of Players in the field is online multiplayer Game play Control. Just imaging a gang of 20 Team Killers betraying their team mates in a Hardcore Game modes like Call of Duty 4 and similar behaviors. Anyone who played A.R.M.A. on big scale Combats Knows what i am talking about. Its really difficult to convince others to play in team to win a game but just imaging how its going to be in those big scale battles.

JokesOnYou3566d ago

Dave Shippy and every non-biased source in the industry says there about equal in terms of gaming.

360 multiplats still look slightly better and NO ps3 game shows anything thats not possible on 360.

hell even Kojima said he could do MGS4 on 360...Gears2 imo looks better than everything on ps3 except KZ2 so the logic that KZ2 which has been 4+ yrs in the making as sonys showpiece, looks a bit better than a previous game on the 360 means that ps3 is graphically superior is silly.

Why the hell would I believe a sony loyalist when devs and industry professionals who dont work for sony say different and I believe my own eyes, look at the games. lmfao


Stubacca3566d ago

The PS3's power has already produced titles such as Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid 4 and now Killzone 2. I've never seen anything close to these titles on a lesser machine.

FlameBaitGod3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Any game can be made for any console, that's going to look and feel the same ? No its not, we cant play gears without having freaking lag and that's just 4 vs 4, its retarded but we play 30 vs 30 and 15 vs 15 and have no lag. Did any 1 really see a graphic improvement on gears 2 from gears 1 ? Look at the sequels on the PS3 exclusives and see how the graphics jump and make the game bigger and better. To say kz2 looks slight better than the previous 360 games lol wow, what game have you been playing bro. Put gears and killzone 2 side to side on HD Tv's and lets see the quality of the games and compare them. This isn't a matter of fan boy crap, its reality. Look at the player movements, environments, gun effects on the walls,people, windows and see how each one has its diff effect on the environment, how they break, everything you can have on the same screen at once compared to the other game and have no lag.

IcarusOne3566d ago

First, I applaud you for choosing a very fitting name.

Have YOU ever put Gears 2 and KZ2 side by side on an HD screen? Like a 52" Aquos?

KZ outputs in 720p - a strike against already in my book. It's soft. It's fuzzy. Its less-than-impressive textures and build are covered up by a flurry of lighting, smoke, and blur effects.

Gears outputs in 1080p. It has textures. The character models are much more solid than Sev or anyone else in his squad. And it supports co-op, something that apparently GG couldn't figure out for their masterpiece.

Clearly I lean toward Gears, but that's because it's a more complete gaming experience. I never truly appreciated Gears 2's story until I saw how vacant KZ2's campaign was. Point is, you can say one looks better than the other, but technically both games are pretty on par. The claim that KZ2 can't be done anywhere else by any other system is just fanboy doo-doo.

Ultimately everyone will see what they want, but even Kojima has said MGS could have been done on the 360 and still basically been the same game. The only reason he chose the PS3 was because he wanted to pioneer a new system and the 360 dev kits were already everywhere.

cherrypie3566d ago

"It is common knowledge that the PS3 has tons of untapped potential that nobody has even seen yet"


That's the point with "common knowledge" it is not knowledge at all.


Becaause I listen to experts. Experts liks DAVE SHIPPY. Who is Dave Shppy? He is the LEAD DESIGNER from IBM who delivered both CPUs.

What does he say?

"According to Dave Shippy, the leading man behind IBM's development of the Playstation 3 Cell CPU and the Xbox 360 CPU, both the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360 are 'fairly equal.'"

"“I think they are fairly equal. The interesting thing is that the PowerPC that’s common in both is used in completely different ways. If you look at the CPU chip for the 360 and PS3, and the programming models and architecture, they came up with completely different solutions. And yet they use this same common core.”

"the truth of each CPU’s real powers. They’re pretty much the same"

JokesOnYou3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Sony poured alot of resources into KZ2 and indeed it looks great but for all their effort Gears2 textures are STILL a bit better, I own both and the 1 area where KZ2 really looks great compared to Gears2 is the lighting. Now I won't even go into the other important areas like gameplay, charachter, enemies, style and mechanics where Gears2 simply owns KZ2, which imo was because GG's had so much pressure from sony to deliver top notch graphics but imo they sacrificed alot of other things. I just dont see anything about ps3 exclusives that can't be done on 360, I love ME's clean sharp graphics, Bioshocks atmosphere+graphics is amazing, CoD4 the scene with the gillie suit is still one of the most impressive looking points in a game and especially Gears2 is just badass with the artwork, theres just so much on the 360 that looks just as good or pretty damm close to anything on the ps3. Last gen when xbox was more powerful it didn't matter but multiplat games looked better on xbox day 1 compared to ps2, I think in terms of raw specs ps3 does have an edge but I also think that edge is very small and is limited by the overall architecture thats pretty much what everything I read says.

Its similiar to the "race track theory"(games) where you have two super cars(consoles), one has a higher top speed built for a straight track(ps3) the other has all the performance attributes built for a dynamic track with turns and curves(360)= they both will be better in some areas and worst in others, either way with two machines(consoles) so close in performance, ultimately the best drivers(devs) will determine who wins the race. lmfao, and its been a great race so far with micro 1 lap up on sony, the wii..uhm well nintendo cheated, they didn't even build a car they built a time machine and their already waiting at the finish line, laughing at micro and sony.


DaTruth3566d ago

Wow JOY, all this time you've been pretending to be an unbiased gamer and now your true colours shine. You would have to be a real retard to say Gears and Killzone 2 are close in the slightest. Gears is closer to Killzone 1 than it is to Killzone 2.

JUST FACE IT!!!! The 360 has lost the graphics war this gen and it wasn't even a long battle. But let's forget graphics for a second, PHYSICS, ANIMATION, DRAW DISTANCES, ENEMIES ON SCREEN and vast OPEN SPACES says that POWER DOES MATTER!!!! You guys are like the dude with a small d1ck saying it's not how big. SIZE MATTERS!!!!!


MmaFanQc3566d ago

im still wating to see a better looking game than uncharted on the 360.

JokesOnYou3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

"Wow JOY, all this time you've been pretending to be an unbiased gamer"

-Since when have I ever claimed Iam "un-biased", No I prefer my 360 over my ps3 and I've never been to shy about saying it, for fear of the "xbot" label, why because I could care less what n4g calls me, go ahead tell the world I'm an xbot if it makes you sleep better and discount what I say, the difference is at least I attempt to be reasonable and I realize people may rightfully disagree with my opinions but examine my post history, I may have started on this site just talking shiii but generally for the most part I at least try to use common sense but we all know on n4g there is only one kind of common sense and if the things you say dont sound like you worship sony then of course you get alot of hate for not joining the club. I don't think I need to tell you I dont care, actually its pretty funny to me, see the name.

oh btw MmaFanQc, Gears 1 looks better than Uncharted, but for you the wait will never end.=


IcarusOne3566d ago

Have bubbles. Let the tards think what they want.

DaTruth3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

@JOY: You stated that you call it like you see it. Problem is you're blinded by fanboyism. Preference and bias are two different things, but to state that a game that factually is inferior in every way to another game is the same is ridiculous and just WRONG! Kilzone 2 is technically better than Gears and that is a fact, FFFFAAACT!!!

I'm sick of all this straight lying and than saying it's okay cause it's an "OPINION". E=mc3 is not an opinion, it is wrong, just wrong and that is that. That's not calling it like you see it, that is calling it like you wish it was and than holding your ears and saying "LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU LA LA LA"

Saying we haven't seen anything on either console that can't be done on the other is also very wrong and you would have to see something on 360 stand up to PS3 exclusives. That's saying something that's clearly not backed up by evidence and you can't just say "THAT'S MY OPINION". When Infamous destroys GTA4, a game with a bigger budget by a reputable dev, what will you say than?

All multiplats are a complete disappointment, ALL MULTIPLATS!!!(my opinion) I haven't bought one yet that wasn't a fail and thus, they cannot be used as evidence either way.

Sorry, not all of that was for you, but I've been seeing this opinion thing too much lately and it's starting to bother me.

I can see fanboy Icarusone just took my bubble. You can't handle DaTruth!!!

Arnon3566d ago

They're not saying the power is bad damnit... They ARE saying however, that is all of this power that has been put into the PS3 really been necessary? Which is a very logical argument in today's society. Many products that have been ahead of it's time have a INCREDIBLY hard time managing in the present.

UltimaEnder3566d ago

Does no one get tired of this same old crap, HHG is a joke and deserves no attention......quite sad...

JokesOnYou3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

DaTruth, where did I ever say or imply that Gears2 is "technically" better than KZ2, now you have essentially resorted to saying the game on paper is "technically" better, lol so its impossible for Gears2 to look *nearly as good, ha ha you're wrong it CAN *LOOK just as good while it may not be pushing the same specs, however I do concede KZ2 specs are better AND the game does also look better on screen, *aside from textures, and I say that because KZ2 does have some fuzzy textures compared Gears2 textures, I play both and if you really knew what you were talking about you would know KZ2 textures aren't the best but overall the game graphically does look a bit better with the lighting being the one area its much better.

Also I'm not saying just because I say something its a opinion and therefore you have to accept it as being valid, without analyzing it NO anybody can do that without giving any reason as to why/what they are basing their opinions on but thats not what I have ever done, I give plenty of legit reasons why I feel that both consoles are close in terms of performance= devs like Kojima say it, Dave Shippy former IBM who work on both said it and tons of other people with far more insight than you or I have, said it many times. Then I said with the exception of KZ2, Gears2 LOOKS better than anything on ps3 and it does. The quality of games graphics only starts with specs, saying any game is "technically" better doesn't mean much if other games still LOOK as good or better. Are there games technically inferior to GTAIV, Haze, GRAW, Too Human but still look better? In terms of both games overall what I'm saying is its not that much better where myself or normal gamers see any huge leap difference on screen....also I think if any talented dev spent their time and enough resources on any 360 exclusive with most of their attention focused on graphics then they could easily meet or exceed KZ2 "technically" and I'm sure this will happen same as every other generation in gaming where the natural progression of graphics improves on all consoles= THIS IS AN UNDISPUTED FACT to anybody who knows the slightest about game development. lmfao, but if it makes you feel better then just keep screaming.

Whats ironic and very funny is that you falsely say I'm just throwing out opinions with nothing to base them on but yet you say this:

"All multiplats are a complete disappointment, ALL MULTIPLATS!!!(my opinion) I haven't bought one yet that wasn't a fail and thus, they cannot be used as evidence either way."

-lmfao yeah and so NOW I finally understand, opinions don't matter because YOURS is the only one that counts, ha ha I'm sure multiplats are a fail for you because its clear without the ps logo on them "technically" they suck.


Rainstorm813565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )


here you go that IS solid proof that KZ2 BY FAR isnt the only game that is graphically better than gears 2.

Its your opinion that 360 devs can get KZ2 quality out of that system because we have yet to see it when it happens then its fact for all we know it wont happen til xbox 720 or 1080 or whatever.

By your own logic PS3 graphics will vastly surpass KZ2 because.....

"I'm sure this will happen same as every other generation in gaming where the natural progression of graphics improves on all consoles= THIS IS AN UNDISPUTED FACT to anybody who knows the slightest about game development." - JOY




MmaFanQc3565d ago

i own BOTH games,...i even own geow2 and it still not looking better than uncharted.

btw i have 42' 1080p(even if most game are played in 720p) to test....and uncharted win with its high res textures and great colors and animations and all the litle details that the game show off.

you should try it before pulling your bs out of your ass.

Hangman5503565d ago

"At least we all know that the ps3 and 360 are effectively born equal in power, with the 360 having the more intuitive architecture. "

... Kinda like a 'dumb computer'?

JokesOnYou3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

You offer some biased blog as proof, there are links to great screenshots of both games and yet you link to a blog as your source of proof when anybody who follows gaming knows that "blogs" are notorious for "dirty comparisons"...just read the comments on his own blog, here is the first:

Joshua said...
what a POS comparison.....tell ya what? why don't you use some actual good captures of Gears 2 next time. LOL....this is laughable at best.

January 31, 2009 8:04 PM

Also as for what I admitted by my own words its simple, games will always continue to improve on many things, graphics is a given, both consoles will eventually push the bar over what KZ2 does graphically, but to assume right NOW that the 360 is incapable of ever surpassing KZ2 graphics is ridiculous especially with Gears2 already being so close thats a very shortsighted view, now if you said in the end ps3 will have the best game graphically over any 360 game, that could be true, but as far now based on everything I've seen its way to early to assume 360 cannot surpass KZ2 graphics, hell I know I'm right because CryEngine tech demo was running a game assets on BOTH which already surpassed KZ2, yes its just a tech demo but that does at least show it can be done and it will.

@ MmaFanQc, I know what they look like, do you really want me to send you a pics of my 50" plasma Sony WEGA HDTV? with 360 Elite and ps3 sitting under it, with copies of KZ2 and Gears2 looking fcking sweet in all their glory, whatever proof you need I'll take a pic and send it to you...just say the word.


ZuperAmazingCooKie3565d ago

And all these time I actually thought you were a truly unbiased gamer. What a disappointment.

Uncharted destroys Gears of War TWO in just about any metric you could ever think off. These metrics include (but aren't limited to): Polygon count, color, lighting, enemies on screen, character textures, etcetera (and according to Naughty Dog, they only used something between 30 and 50 percent of what the PS3 is capable off). I'm not talking about fun here, you could like Gears more in terms of fun and that's fine, but Gears and Uncharted are directly comparable and

I love it how Xbox fanboys dismiss claims of PS3 being more powerful by bringing their own bias to the table. So suddenly if an IBM designer says that PS3 and 360 CPUs are about equal, that makes them equal? Scientifically accurate and measurable tests say otherwise. Asking IBM which is better is like asking a father which is his best son. In "JOY"'s words, "LMFAO".

I also love it how Xbox 360 fanboys are quick to talk about the 360 GPU and how it's supposedly "GENERATIONS BEYOND TEH RSX", immediately whipping out numbers made up by Microsoft and its loyalists. Of course the 360 GPU beats the PS3 GPU in terms of vertex shaders, because that's not what the PS3 GPU is designed for. The PS3 GPU is a very strong contender as far as Pixel Shaders go, and that's what it's supposed to do. The Cell processor is very strong in terms of vector operations (each SPE is a vector processor after all) and parallel computing (like Matrix operations which are highly parallelizable); vertex operations are basically the cell-processor's bread and butter if you truly understand how to make it work, and that's why the developers behind God of War said that SPEs are much faster than most developers think. And that's why the RSX is a perfect fit for the Cell processor and viceversa, they complement each other, and that's why PS3 exclusives look so good compared to the shoddy multiplatform hand-me-down ports it gets. Not like JOY will give PS3 games any credit, he's just a fanboy. "lmfao"

The 360 GPU beats the PS3 GPU in terms of vertex shaders, but not in terms of pixel shaders. That's why in some tests the PS3 GPU actually beat the 360 GPU, but for that they're roughly equal. 360's GPU has the advantage of being very flexible. PS3 has the advantage of having high floating point calculation capabilities which push the PS3 beyond what other consoles can output (and that's why PS3 games have plenty of things going on in the background and lots of effects, objects and NPCs on screen).

Only a fanboy takes one-sided tests seriously. Only a fanboy takes multiplatform games as showcase for any particular console when exclusive games outdo them.

When people learn that each console has its strenghts and weaknesses,the fanboy war will be over.

Oh, and JOY, you can think what you want about "ANYTHING PS3 CAN DO 360 CAN LMFAO", but I'll simply leave you to bicker alone with this.


The first one was made by one of your fellow 360 fanboys, by the way.

All-33565d ago

Show me WHERE ELSE in Killzone 2 - any other cutscene in Killzone 2 that matches the opening CGI footage in Killzone 2.

That CGI footage that was specially developed for Killzone 2 --> by a Glasgow-based company named --> Axis Animation <-- AND NOT BY Guerrilla.

Axis also made the OPENING cinematic for the original Killzone game.

Now compare the graphics of the Axis Killzone 2 cinematic to those shown in Rage footage:

FlameBaitGod3565d ago

Remember guys, JokesOnYou apply s that name to him self. Fanboy sight is a really powerful thing, just look at the comments JokesOnYou and why this say. Very very funny things

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KionicWarlord2223566d ago

Well , it does matter. The xbox 360 sales are wide ,but the same goes for ps3 . Recently both consoles have been selling games dead close.I see ps3 selling great this year . There might even be pricecut ,but with ps3 still selling very well it probably wont be needed.

Ichiryoka3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Did they just...resort to What does sales have to do with how much power the Ps3 has? Yes power matters. For the people who are going to play games such as Uncharted2 GOW3, Killzone 2, and Heavy Rain, its just a bonus to be able to immerse yourself even more into the game because of the phenomenal graphics.

But if a game is released and is good due to gameplay alone, thats fine, but if you are able to squeeze a little more power out, then...I say. Why not?

Flipgeneral3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Which is good.

And to answer the question which the article poses, yes, it does matter. With life like environments you are more drawn in to the atmosphere of the game, making the game more immersing and enjoyable.

And btw, it's the sheer volume of cars/tracks which is causing them to spend time on GT5.

All in all I would prefer to have devs take their time with their games and deliver what they envisioned, rather than having to release an incomplete/unpolished product.

Zeus Lee3566d ago

" As we are stuck waiting for the release of these AAA exclusive titles, the Xbox continues to sell and gain a market share on the PS3."-Thanks to the AAA exclusives that are releasing on a daily basis on the 360,right?

"The biggest problem is that in this economy, the studios want to minimize risk and are looking for the safe bet more than ever."-And that's why 3rd party studios are all developing exclusively on the Wii,hmm?

"It is no secret that the 360 is easier and faster to develop on than the PS3 and with the 360 continuing to sell so well, this does not give them much incentive to develop exclusively for Sony’s system"-Is your article about Exclusives or the power of the Playstation 3?

"We have seen this already with both the GTA and Devil May Cry series’ going multi-platform."-GTA going multi-platform was a decision that Sony and Take2 came to after the latter offered the former the franchise as an exclusive for the small sum of 300+ Million Dollars.Are you trying to blame Sony for not spending 300 Million dollars on maintaining 1 game as an exclusive this gen?

As for Devil May Cry,how's about you do your research first before typing up nonsense?

...Are we just going the existence of a DMC game on PC last-gen?

I really don't know why hiphopgamer is still allowing dimwits to be writers on his website,I really don't know why.

N4Flamers3566d ago

I mean correct me if im wrong but there were gta's on the original xbox, exclusive I think not, especially when it originated on pc's.

however you do have to give MS credit for taking away the marketshare from sony this gen, I mean last gen they were left in the dust, and the 360 all ready sold more consoles than the original xbox.

Zeus Lee3566d ago

What's up with the Comment system today,this is the second time my post hasn't displayed words I've typed in

Gue13566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

In my opinion I think that it does not matter. I sometimes see these Sony fanboys saying this and that about the power of the Cell but that doesn't change a thing. Just look at PS2 and Xbox, the Xbox had better graphics than the PS2 but look at it... Failure is what I see.

Right now the Xbox360 has the better library of games but 2009 it's different, now the PS3's the one that's getting all the great games plus free online, blu-ray and in my case backward compatibility and that's what appeal more to me. I still play a lot of old jrpg's from the PSX era.

At the end you chose the console you think is more appropriate for you and articles like this one shouldn't exist.

BAN HHG site from N4G now! I hate these freaking flamebait articles. They should start talking about the games and leave all their opinions about console and sales behind.

-EvoAnubis-3566d ago

The difference here is that that the Xbox was SLIGHTLY more powerful than the PS2. It could put out some nice graphics that the PS3 just couldn't handle....until they started normal mapping everything. Then it was more or less even.

This time around, not only is the PS3 several steps up from the 360 power-wise, but they have a few more things going for it.

1. First/2nd party devs to take advantage of the system and make games that push 3rd parties to do more.

2. A storage format that is more than 5 times larger than their nearest competitor

3. A standard hard drive in every unit.

4. The Nocturnal Initiative.

5. All backed by the name synonymous with console gaming for the last decade......PlayStation.

agentfoxe-n4g3566d ago

You're right on point; the gameplay and game design are paramount.
The power is there for people who know how (experience, time, vision, etc.) to make their game play and design BETTER. In some cases, it's only possible with the extra power.

People who think that "more power" does not matter should check with PC gamers; they spend gajillions getting the BEST video card and the MOST RAM and the MOST powerful CPU. For what? To play (say as an example) Farcry?

Tell THEM it doesn't matter. It does. It really does. While NOT every games needs the power, an experienced developer can add that extra polish (at least).

For me, my best game ever happens to be ICO. And I must say that when I first loaded that game on my PS3, I wanted to just turn it off.. the graphics were sub-VGA!! Pixelated like hell on my HDTV.

But you know what.. I gave that game a chance.. and I realized that it's artwork (despite the low resolution) and its gameplay was simply sublime.

Now, if these people get the power available in the PS3 at their tips.. don't you think they'll be able to give us a BETTER game?

Just think about it.

N4Flamers3566d ago

graphics and power matter, but you people think like consumers. Hell you could have a game thats bigger in size than RE5 it could look better and play better, but it takes you an extra 2 years to make. I dont know if you know this, but games arent free to make, then when you release it, it has mediocre sales and you need to recoup losses.

People look at it this way, I can make a game that looks and plays as good as RE5 release it for both systems, and have a better chance at penetrating the market and making the money I spent back, plus profit.

I wish every game was a metal gear solid 4, but thats not reality.