GameTrailers: Six Days in Fallujah - Developer Interview

Get your very first look at this all-new video game based on the stories of Marines who fought in Fallujah.

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Hydrolex3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

but Iraq never attacked U.S, U.S was the one that attacked Iraq for no reason LMAO

and its funny how they make a game about it !

What are iraqis supposed to do ? Let troops kill them ? of course they gonna defense

No BinLaden was found in IRAQ, No Guns were found in IRAQ !!! NO REASON


"Marines who fought in Fallujah."

and they are proud too, killing troops, killing poor iraqis, screwing the economy ! NONE OF ur Business U.S, do your own business GODDAMIT look at the U.S economy right now

Hydrolex3567d ago

if ur gonna disagree ask this from yourself

what would you do if another country attacks your country for stupid reasons like U.S made to attack Iraq ?

if ur American, imagine Russia + Iran + China attack you for no reason, wouldnt you defense ? And in those countries they will make video games and name them 6 days in New York, Brave russian soldeirs died