Left 4 Dead Versus Maps leaked early for PC

It is being reported by several tipsters that Valve's Left 4 Dead campaigns 'Dead Air' and 'Death Toll' can be accessed in Versus mode.

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JonahNL3567d ago

This is bullshit. The maps were open for access a long time ago already, but they have to be modified by Valve first for Versus. You can play VM on DT and DA for quite a while now, it's just that the maps aren't balanced. The real Versus maps for DT and DA will be available next week.

Lowlife3567d ago

Yeah, the boomer hits seems to be little bugged (no zombies spawns sometimes) and there are no "ladders" for the infected to climb (based on what I've seen).

Better to wait for the official release since it's free anyway and just a week away.

noxeven3567d ago

ya i played on dead air way before this post. some dedicated servers had it its just way to unbalanced and the fact that you really have no were to go. Next week will be great though.

solar3567d ago

old holy crap old news. welcome to 4 months ago examiner.