Letting The Blood Flow: Gruesome Games with Gallons of Gore

Gamebosh writes: "It's important not to be confused in this instance. This is a celebration of "horror" games, not horrible ones. The latter would most likely see me rambling on for a lot longer than you'd care to read, with most of the anger vented upon The Lost World game for the PS1. I fear there are still people trapped on the opening screen who, over 10 years on, still haven't worked out that you're playing AS the dinosaur. But that's another story for another time.

There are those who may be under the mistaken belief that the horror genre is new to games, which is somewhat understandable given their rise in the eyes of the mainstream since the "Playstation Generation" began. However, it goes much further back than that, as far even as the old 8-bit home computer days."

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