Rise Of The Machines: From Pong to Donkey Kong

In the late 70's, everyone marvelled at a revolutionary new computer game that allowed a square ball to bounce between two rectangular blocks, in the style of table tennis. Simply called Pong, it had the equivalent impact of a new Zelda game released today.

Pong was the first computer game that took the world by storm. Some thought it nothing more than a fad that would be forgotten the following year - after all, computers were the size of fridges weren't they? Who would want one of those in their house? Well, the gaming arena is now a $10 billion a year industry full of every kind of game you could wish for: games for little girls, games for 30-something men, gambling games, memory games for old people, violent games, funny games, memory games for old people, games about games. The list goes on. Every year the market gets bigger with more consoles, more powerful PCs and broader interactive possibilities via the internet.

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