MGU Review: Batman : The Dark Knight

MGU writes: "Obviously The Dark Knight mobile game was developed based on the Batman blockbuster flim that hit the cinema months ago. We all impressed by the biggest movie of all time, but when it is come to the mobile game it is far away from that.

The Dark Knight mobile game follows the plot of the film as Batman against his enemy which is at reign of chaos that swept over GOTHAM CITY, organized by a criminal mastermind-The Joker! Gamers play as BATMAN using dynamic combat moves, special gadgets and stealth tactics to evoke fear in the hearts of his enemies. Batman can walk, punch and kick but can't jump! I don't know why Batman can't jump, but instead of it, the grappling hook is use to access the higher platforms. In some level you can see the Batman use the grappling hook to swing from crane to crane. It make me feel like controlling a Spiderman rather Batman."

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