Five Playstation 1 games that should make the next-gen jump

A.P. Stephens of the Examiner writes: "With the going trend of bringing back classics in remade style (Street Fight 2 HD Remix, Bionic Commando Rearmed, etc) and games that continue to get sequels (Street Fighter, Ratchet and Clank, etc), there are still many classic franchises that would be a great addition to the next-gen cycle.

Here are some Playstation 1 classic titles that should make the HD leap to today's gaming line-up. They are in no particular order."

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xabmol3568d ago

Soul Reaver!

Give me a new Soul Reaver!

Raoh3568d ago

soul reaver used to be one of my favorite games every.

it could use a nice remake

chidori6663568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

soul reaver died in the first game.... i prefer one remake of this game.

Bathyj3568d ago

Screw Soul Reaver. How about where it all started?, Blood Omen:Legacy of Kain.

That was a great action RPG. Not much else like it on consoles.

Sangria3568d ago

Yes, a Blood Omen and Soul Reaver restart would be awesome. Blood Omen for the RPG part, Soul Reaver for the adventure. Legacy Of Kain is a great series (if we count off Blood Omen 2, which could be dispensable).

I am also a strong supporter of a remake or a sequel of Team Buddies, by Psygnosis (which is now Sony Liverpool). Team Buddies was an epic multiplayer game and it would perfectly fit with nowadays references of online gaming. I wish Sony would bring Team Buddies back from the dead.

Dark General3568d ago

I just picked up Soul Reaver 2 a month or so ago (after never quite beating the original still) and again i still love this series. I would LOVE for a new iteration or a remake of the original. I have Blood Omen 2 and it was meh. I seen video's of the original Blood Omen and it looked fantastic. A next gen reboot would be amazing but also probably possible. Eidos could get back into my good graces if they make a new (good) LoK game and make Deus Ex 3 good. But i'd settle for one of those things.

Freak of Nature3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

You cannot go wrong with Soul reaver/Legacy of Kain....

Throw in "Oddworld",my favorite franshise of all-time!

How about some clay platform action with the Skull monkeys?

Earthworm JIM,Wild 9's,Heart of darkness.....


Douglas TenNapel, the creator of Earthworm Jim,signed a deal last April (08') whereby he'll act as creative consultant on a new Earthworm Jim game (Earthworm Jim 4)...

rockleex3568d ago

Vagrant Story

Crash Team Racing (with Naughty Dog, not the new producers)

Street Fighter Alpha 3 (with online World Tour and online VS)

Rourker3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

I think there is a new oddworld coming out, there putting up a new site anyways

Sarcasm3568d ago

I'm down for a new Legacy of Kain

PS3 or 360 it doesn't matter. I'd like to play it.

Freak of Nature3568d ago

Oh yes I know,but thanks for the tip anyways,bubbles to you.

It will be based on the upcoming CG animation full length feature "Citizen siege"...When?Thats anyones quess,but it's overdue,and hopefully something concrete comes out soon on it...Then they plan on getting right back to "oddworld" itself...

Thanks again...

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Rmagnus3568d ago

I much prefer new games than a HD remake of an old one. I am sure its cool to replay alot of games in HD but new games to me means I get to experience something new.

Myst3568d ago

I agree with this, HD remakes are nice but everyone has pretty much lived through them already. If they haven't yet well then I suppose an HD version can benefit them; but the original is generally always the best.

I think most of all though is that most of these games just need to make their way out into the rest of the world's version of the PS1 store. I mean the Japan one is like a game store by itself.

rogimusprime3568d ago

some of the best games out there, but it would have to be a remake. We all know Raziel dies ( absorbed by the physical reaver)

Einhander was a classic, but how about Omega boost?

SmokingMonkey3568d ago

and Destruction Derby like Motorstorm and online

oh man...

Megaman Legends

Jet Moto

and of course Twisted Metal, i want that same feeling i got when i first played TM on PS1, like oh sh!t Sony PS is not for the kiddies

Bathyj3568d ago

Silent Bomber, one of the most underratted games ever made. It deserves way more props than it got.

Kudos for aknowledging Dustruction Derby too. It was one of the games I played for hourse at launch, along with wipeout and Battle Arena Toshinden. I've often wished Motorstorm had and arena mode, maybe even towing caravans for some truely brutal vehicular carnage.

SlyGuy3568d ago

OMG I forgot about that gem!

SoapShoes3568d ago

Destruction Derby 4 and Jet Moto 4!! Think how awesome these games could be on new technology. I hope Incognito considers making Jet Moto.

Aclay3568d ago

To this day, I'm still kicking myself for not getting into the Soul Reaver series. I rememeber playing demo's of the Soul Reaver games on both the PS1 and PS2, but I never got around to buy them and I just forgot all about the franchise.

I still have the demo for Einhander, it's a really cool Side-Scrolling shooter, and it's a very Rare game. I never bought the full game, but it would be interesting to see what could be done with the game with the PS3/360.

.... Interestingly enough, 3 out of the 5 games listed were games made by Square... they were definantly at their best when they were "SquareSoft". Square should definantly bring back Xenogears for next-gen systems.

Timesplitter143568d ago

so many games, so little time...

I've got a giant list of every great game I missed and I know I'll never be able to play them all

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