Spawn Kill: Activision walks away from PC Gaming Alliance

JDiPierro of Spawn Kill write:

"Leading game producer Activision, one of the founding members of the PC Gaming Alliance, has cut up their membership card with the industry advocacy group. Several people have noticed that the company's logo was removed from the PCGA's website recently. After being contacted for more information the PCGA had this to say:"

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FerretWithASpork3571d ago

Do you think it's possible that this is partly because of the economy or is this just some sort of decision on the part of Activision that we don't fully understand yet?

7thNightvolley3570d ago

its not coz of the enconomy, On recently looking at a few articles e.g

well and maybe coupled with the bad economy piracy on the PC platform is mega huge and now that the economy is bad many ppl would be reducing the way they spend money to buy high end pcs and also would rather buy a pirated copy of a game to play rather than spend the money to purchase it all this are negetives and just like how CRYTEK has gone console mind u they said they would never go consoles and in reality CEO said this

now we hear cryengine3 its only obvious more and more companies are abandoning PC gaming. and activision is just makign it even more clearer.

What i personally believe from hearing that blizzard was in talks with microsoft of the new xbox so MMO can work on it such a WOW its clear the gaming industry well most of em are all shifting to the console platform so once the ps4s xobx720s do come out and can handle all blizzards big MMOs requiresments and the graphic megaton of crytek trust it will really raelly hurt PC gaming and its all squarely blamed on piracy. and the economy in a way.

GamerPS3603570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

this sucks, I just built myself a super computer :(

GamerPS3603570d ago

this sucks, I just built myself a super computer :(

TheAntiFanboy3570d ago

Because Bobby Kotick doesn't believe he can "exploit" the PC. Duh?

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TheIneffableBob3570d ago

The yearly membership fee is like $50,000 or something. Doesn't sound like it'd be too big a price to pay for a huge corporation like Activision.

starcraft2fan3570d ago

Also, Activision is rolling in money at the moment, so they cant cite 'financial constraints'. They (technically)own WoW, for Gods sake.

Revvin3570d ago

Its not down to money, they still have a strong reason to be developing for the PC format - World of Warcraft and I would think that future versions of CoD would come out on the PC format but maybe this is the start of a slow movement towards consoles where their product is far less likely to be pirated and hacked to pieces.

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