G4TV: Meet The Feed: Brian Leahy - Online Editor, Gaming

G4TV writes: "Hailing from the mean streets of central New Jersey and then Pittsburgh for college (Go Giants! Go Steelers!), I came to LA to do the whole screenwriting thing. I started in that industry and got pretty annoyed with how it all works. Then, a great opportunity to turn my hobby of gaming into a career fell into my lap and I've been here at G4 almost 2 years. It's the best job ever.

I've been playing games since I was a wee lad and my biggest claim to fame is beating The Legend of Zelda before I could read at the age of four (with some help from my cousin). I'm a "hardcore" gamer and mostly occupy my time with multiplayer shooters. The Wii is the first mainstream (Nintendo, Sony, MS, SEGA) platform that I haven't owned since the NES. Oh, I never had a 32X..."

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