X-Play Review: 'Godfather II'

X-Play writes: "It's been a couple years since the Corleones have graced the gaming world, but they have returned with Godfather II. X-Play takes a look at the mafia game to see whether it's done good, or if it should have slept with the fishes."


* Easy to use combat system
* Fun to shakedown business owners


* Weak story elements
* Little customization
* Unpolished characters and environments
* Short and unrewarding gameplay

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Faztkiller3566d ago

It's getting bad reviews but everyone i know that has played said they would give it a 8-9/10

ghostface3566d ago

That because reviewers don't review games for the fun factor anymore. That why I go by my own judgement. It's always about their personal opinion.

Bathyj3566d ago

I guess it helps if you're an actual Godfather fan. I'm enjoying it alot. More than I did GTA as a matter of fact.

The open world cant compare in GF2 but I like the game better, shaking down stores, recruiting soldiers. The gunplay is certainly alot better.

Then again I've only had it a week. GTA was fun for a little while too.

SoulBrotha32923565d ago

i wanted to hear dat Chris brown joke lol