Lost & Damned Sells 1 Million Copies

Kotaku writes: "Microsoft have boasted that Grand Theft Auto IV expansion The Lost & Damned has broken Xbox Live revenue records. But what does that mean for unit sales?

The Cut Scene reckon that, according to "a good source", the add-on has sold "around one million units on Xbox Live". Microsoft can't confirm this number, but it does sound awfully familiar."

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Delta3571d ago

Wait??? Didn't they sell 1 million like a month ago? or was that another M$ lie?

JokesOnYou3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Its not saying as of today it sold 1 mil, this Kotaku article actually has a link back to Feb 27 when it was reported to have sold 1 mil, Kotaku actually is doing this latest article based on the Variety story which is also referring back to the previously reported news of 1 mil sold, using those sales #'s to analyze: "Why it's increasingly important that there's no DLC in NPD"...I didn't see anything about them saying its now CURRENTLY at 1 mil sold, which I guess is because no further numbers have been released.

@Zeus Lee, The deal according to sources was for two DLC episodes, so 20mil based on the last numbers SO FAR released and of course I'm sure the 1st part will definitely continue to sale, althoug I'm sure it will be a a lot less 1mil per month thats still great, especially for DLC and then the 2nd part should also cut heavily into that what micro paid, so it seems very premature on your part long before the next DLC has even released for you to say it won't pay off?


MURKERR3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

people need to stop spinning things and just be real we have no shares in microsoft or sony so people need to stop being sensitive over their consoles its an electronic device even the biggest fanboy site of them all kotaku has admitted the sales are dissappointing, by the time the sencond DLC comes out will anybody care..seriously? this has been a huge embarrasment for microsoft money which could have gone to make two exclusive games which they sorely need

Milky3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

So this means microsoft still hasn't taken any profit? Really not something to brag about.

JokesOnYou3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

MURKERR, I didn't spin anything, I didn't say all the 20mil is micro's cut all I did is point out that as of the last announcement sometime around Feb 27 the DLC sales are 20mil, just as the article states, the point I was trying to make was that right now less than two months since it was released its already close to half of the 25mil per episode micro reportedly paid and remember that was as of the end of Feb, so it only needs 1/4 of its already announced 1mil sales to reach what it costs....sure theres advertising and Rockstars cut to be considered but none of us know the details of that deal and either way its not like this DLC won't be available online and in stores for a long time which will all but garuantee profits, I don't even really think its a question of will it make a profit, its more of a question of how much???

Now its funny you respond to me about spinning and owning micro shares as if I instigated the whole conversation...I was merely responding to the first post which obviously he didn't understand this news from Kotaku, I just gave him info and I also made a counter point to zeus lee statements suggesting the DLC not paying off, lets not even talk about how the DLC has already help sell a once very popular franchise on ps2, now have better sales on the 360 vs ps3 so there are other factors to consider, but no I shouldn't say that, right?...In fact it seems YOU are the "naysayer" looking for any excuse to call this DLC a failure, lol but I'm the bad guy for giving a legitimate point of view, its OK I won't cry, it is what it is and this IS N4G.


socomnick3570d ago

Whats really funny is that this dlc has outsold Sonys biggest hyped game ever kz 2. lol 500k copies vs 1 million copies sold for dlc.

Anon19743570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

But wasn't Killzone 2 over a million in it's first 2 weeks? You're kinda way off on that one.

Actually, I take that back. I really didn't hate to break that to you.
Oh, wait! You were probably only looking at NPD sales, weren't you? Yeah, 360 fans do that fairly often.

MURKERR3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

that right there shows me you geared up and deep in the trenches of this so called 'console war'...i dont give a flying f**k about console wars but ill speak the truth when i see it,gta DLC for 50mil was a failure microsoft know it,rockstar know the media know it.

i wish that money went into new IPs because im a gamer simple as

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Dragun6193570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

You know, You would think that The Lost and The Dammed would sell at least around 2-3 million considering that its apart of a game that sold about 5-6 million on Xbox360.

Eiffel3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

You two obviously lack the brain power to comprehend sale figures.

One million for DLC that released not even two months ago for a game that released nearly a year ago is a pretty good achievement.

Dragun6193570d ago

@ Eiffel

True, it has only been out for 2 months. I was just blinded by what DevilSoulTaker said about how it beat killzone 2 sales. Not to say that lost and the dammed can't beat killzone 2 in sales is just sorta irritated me how he didn't have any facts to back up his claims.
Does anyone know when the NPD Sales chart for March is released?

SL1M DADDY3570d ago

My guess is that of the 5 or 6 million that purchased the game originally, many of them sold or traded the game in by the time the DLC was released. That in itself causes issues since many will have to purchase the game again, new or used just to play the DLC and perhaps the DLC was just not impressive enough for people to reinvest in the game. My guess is that those who purchased the DLC were the hardcore GTAIV folks that were not jaded due tot he generic gameplay that was in fact GTAIV. Many folks I have spoken to enjoyed Saints Row 2 for being closer to the originality of the other GTA games and were sadly disappointed by IV.

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Zeus Lee3570d ago

I knew the numbers were lower than expected,Microsoft aren't the kind of company that holds back numbers.

1 Million copies @ 19.99 a pop=About $20,000,000 right?Looks like that $50,000,000 isn't going to pay off.

N4PS3G3570d ago

They payed $50M for 2 exclusive DLC ... The Lost & Damned is only the first they technically payed $25M for each one

and if they earned 20M already on the first one in just 2 months ...its likely to pay off in some time

lloyd_wonder3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Well, it looks like their return investment maybe sound. Accordingly, Microsoft, Take2, and Rocksatar didn't just develop this exclusive DLC for nothing. They won't see too much of a profit at this rate-- if at all.

I think Microsoft expected too much from Grand Theft Auto 4 for their platform with this DLC. It didn't drive more sales for GTA4 or the 360. I think they expected what GTA3 did for the PS2. Except, both versions of GTA4 sold around the same.

I wouldn't rule out a GTA4 expansion disc for the PS3 and 360 at a later date. Microsoft may have paid for the DLC but they don't own it or the ip.

-GoD_-oF-_WaR-3570d ago

Exactly what i was thinking when i read the article..
hmm.. maybe the next one will be something everyone wants..San Andreas... but i really doubt it.

spunnups3570d ago

That's assuming MS gets the entire $20. That I don't know. Even if they did, as of now, they are short. Question: Is the DLC coming with this game or the next one?

IdleLeeSiuLung3570d ago

Well there is a lot of assumptions here:

a) MS paid $50 million for 2 episodes
b) The episode only sold 1 million in 10 days (we are now over a month since that according to the old source 2/27)
c) MS doesn't receive all the revenue

See where I'm heading with this? Nowhere as everything is based on assumptions and it really doesn't matter, because people should praise MS for funding extra content. If MS didn't fund it, we *might* not have gotten anything and as far as I know the DLC is reasonably priced unlike a lot of other DLC.

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Zeus Lee3570d ago

So you think the next DLC will do 30 Million?Look,unless it's going to be titled San Andreas 2 or Vice City 2,it's not going to do much better than this one if better at all.It's easy to disagree until the numbers come out,so let's leave it at that.

All I'm saying is,the 50 Million dollar investment from Microsoft into this exclusive DLC is not looking like it'll pay off due to the underwhelming performance of the first pack of DLC.Plain and simple.

terrandragon3570d ago

Still a little early, and who knows how big the next DLC will be? So yes, it is kind of premature but a good speculation on using sales from the first one.

Godmars2903570d ago

Unless sales of the actual game pick up, how will the second DLC sell better than the first?

And how is a second source saying that sales hit or are near a million *now* when MS announced that it reached that mark weeks ago? How does this not hurt their overall credibility?

Sayai jin3570d ago

@Zues Lee- Seeing how I do not work or own stock in MS I could care less about sales. I think it has paid off greatly. What I mean is that they paid to make sure those who have their console were going to get extra content(expansion)on. Hmmm, a company made sure that gamers had a chance to get and continue playing a game that has been one of the largest titles to launch this gen. I mean is this not why we are gamers to play games.

Zeus Lee3570d ago

"Sales of Rockstar Games' blockbuster Grand Theft Auto IV continued to exceed the Company's expectations. Over 10 million units have been sold through to consumers as of August 16, 2008."

Over 10 Million GTA4 copies out there,half of which are Xbox 360 versions.With the amount of advertising for The Lost & Damned and the amount of GTA4 copies sold on the 360,it's not hard at all to see why 1 Million sales of the DLC is disappointing.

swiftshot933570d ago

the second pack isnt magically going to sell better than the first. Unless MS launches an advertising campaign (which I seriously doubt), then it will not give MS the return they want.

4Sh0w3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

You're comparing a full blown game sales to DLC which has been out less than 2 months, to my knowledge expansion packs dont usually sale close to what the original content sales, its simply there for the fans who already finished the full game and want to play more content prior to waiting for a full blown sequel.

I kind of agree with JOY. zeus how do you know it won't pay off?

lowcarb3570d ago

Nobody knows the actual figures sold yet. This is an old estimate and will be revealed at E3 more than likely. Any hate on MS right now will only backfire and make you look extremely more like a console racist.

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