GameStop Reviewing Their Sales Policy in Light of Kotaku Story

Kotaku writes: "GameStop today confirmed that they are reviewing their lending and sales policy to see if it may be a violation of trade practices, GameStop officials told Kotaku today.

"We are looking at a series of things," said said Chris Olivera, vice president of corporate communications for GameStop. 'We want to understand the assertions that were made by the FTC and we also want to see what is actually happening in the stores that led to what you wrote about.'"

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s8anicslayer3565d ago

That's it, I will now buy my games from bestbuy or wallmart, enough with gamestop and their shannanagins

Parapraxis3565d ago

As much as I dislike Kotaku, I commend them for actually bringing this issue to light.

truehunter3565d ago

Kotaku is kinda late on this. This news was out like 2 days ago no problem ask.

MAiKU3565d ago

This article is about an article made about 2 days ago.

V0LT3565d ago

By selling new games opened and pulling out a game from a sleeve then putting it in the new case sounds like a violation to me. How did they get away with this for so long is what I want to know...

OGharryjoysticks3565d ago

Anytime I sold a game back they could have put the case on the shelf with a new sticker because I take care of my sh1t and you can't even find a fingerprint on the cases or discs I own. MINT. All my sh1t is mint condition. So what stops them from selling my trade-ins as new when my cases and discs look better than the stuff on the shelf?

If you don't get to unwrap the factory sealed package around a game then it's not NEW.

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