New Devil May Cry 4 Scans From Famitsu

Devil May Cry scanned images from a Japanese magazine.

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The_Firestarter4762d ago

I'm so impressed by these scans! It's true you CAN play as Dante, in a side quest most likely. YAY! ^__^ Everything looks amazing! I'm so happy it's coming to pc. DMC4 FTW!

BTW, the frost demons from the first DMC are back! Those guys are so hard in the first one. I played the game on the highest difficulties. "Dante Must Die" right? I use ifirit and keep doing inferno to kill'em. :P Happy Gaming!

Yo Wassap4762d ago

it seems a bit wasted to me, the graphics can be amazing butwhere the camera is situated doesn't allow you to notice them. Instead the game looks as though it has half arsed graphics instead. Shame really

The_Firestarter4762d ago

you must be a graphic's whore. This game looks pretty damn good. The camera might not be "the best," but this is a huge step from how the old DMC games looked.