Inside The Mind Of A Gaming Genius

Gamebosh writes: "We sent one of our writers to a leading game design studio for a week to see what kind of people decide the games we play each day. This is his report.

Day One:
The first thing that stood out most when I arrived this morning at (name deleted for legal reasons) was the distinct lack of cars in the parking area. It had just gone nine o'clock and not a soul was in sight. Since the doors were locked, I spent the next three hours sitting on the concrete throwing Tic-Tacs at a squirrel. (Squirrels love mints, did you know that?). Finally, at noon, some people began to arrive: several Mercedes and a Jaguar that was painted the most astounding shade of slut purple. The driver of this would turn out to be the company manager and chief designer, Jolyon Hartford. Yes, you read that right.
Jolyon gave me a cursory glance and then delegated the introductions to his young assistant, Tania, who looked hungover and unhappy. Tania showed me into a conference room that would have been exquisite in its beauty, had it not been for the posters of a nude Lara Croft embracing a man looking very much like Jolyon - also naked. Tania flat out refuses to look at said posters, bringing me some coffee with her eyes fixed firmly on the carpet. She apologises when she spills it in my lap. I spend the rest of the day with a large stain on my trousers."

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