Gamerholics Anonymous: 25 Reasons why you might be Addicted to Gaming

There are many gamers out there who will claim that they're not addicts, that they could give up at any time, sell all their consoles and move on. But could they really? There are several tell-tale signs that indicate whether or not you truly are addicted to this murky world of gaming.

- You count people on your console buddy lists that you've never met before as actual friends.
- You think that walking into a shadowy area actually makes you invisible (provided no-one saw you go in there).
- You genuinely believe that painting your car will stop the police from chasing you.
- You name your first born son Mario or Luigi, despite not being Italian.
- You think that eating flowers will give you the ability to throw fireballs.
- You refer to God and the Devil as End of Level Bosses.

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Gue13568d ago

I think that I am addicted to N4G. =|