The Conduit: Rob Nicholls Interview

In this full version of the interview with Rob Nicholls, Lead Game Designer on The Conduit, everything from the development cost of the game, to HVS' partnership with Sega, to Nintendo's online restrictions are touched on, and more. All of this is followed up by opinions from Mr. Nicholls on Parental responsibility as pertains to gaming, and laced throughout with a few beautiful screen shots.

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TruthbeTold3569d ago

that they've only been working on this game for a year and a half. It kinda makes me wonder if Nintendo's old "It takes alot of time to create our hardcore games" statement isn't just masking their unwillingness to release their games according to demand.

N4g_null3569d ago

Feel free man. Make your own level and tell me how long it takes to make it fun and look good. The conduit doesn't have any creative competition for FPS right now so they have nothing to beat. Let HVS come up with some thing totslly new and a game that can easily sell to any one.

Just remember SMG is good but it is still no mario 3. HVS does not have to live up to this standard yet.

TruthbeTold3569d ago

The Conduit isn't on the level of Nintendo's best. However Twilight Princess for example was a Game Cube game that was supposed to be released in 2004. They held off its release until late 2006 for the Wii, and we've had nothing since, not even an announcement of what the next console Zelda will be called or a screen shot. Nothing. Meanwhile The Conduit, which looks amazing and supposedly has a deep story with a huge guidebook for background has all been done in a year and a half. It makes me think that Nintendo isn't telling the whole truth. That's all I'm saying.

ChickeyCantor3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

They did say they won't show their stuff untill they think its ready, now wether one should believe that or not is up to him.

The main difference between Nintendo and HVS is that HVS isn't very known for such productions and needs to hype the sh/t out of it in order to get the word across.

The moment Nintendo shows a video of zelda the crowd will go crazy because they are waiting for it since twilight princess. You are already talking about the NEXT zelda, i don't recall people talking about the conduit as you are about zelda.

Nintendo can take their time, cause once its announced the fans will go apesh/t anyway.

And you have to admit, Nintendo games always have a different feel or touch to it than games alike.