EvilCast NewsBrief Episode #36

GrE writes, "Now that we've jizzed our pants over Final Fantasy VII, Capcom is ready to come in for sloppy seconds and give us the reach around. Looks like the threesome that Capcom and Gamestop is giving us won't stop any time soon. On a side note, there IS some good news tonight."

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CrAppleton3568d ago

Best show yet.. stick around for the bloopers at the end of the show!

bgrundman3568d ago

Bring on the drunken podcasts!

Neco5123568d ago

Much better when you guys drink :)

CrAppleton3568d ago

Blake wants to do what with a dog??

bgrundman3568d ago

Well you mom was unavailable for the night.

reluctant_gamer3568d ago

OMG... that song, keeps getting stuck in my head. I think my brain has connected Gamestop to it.

roblef3568d ago

Seriously? The reach around? Awesome.