Gamespot: Pokemon Platinum Review

Two things are certain in the crazy world of Pokemon: Somehow these adorable creatures trigger an undeniable urge to collect 'em all, and every new generation of games ultimately spawns a special edition with additional features. Usually these new editions rely on cheesy gimmicks, but Pokemon Platinum's gameplay is much more refined than that of its predecessors, Diamond and Pearl. The focus is still on classic, addictive battling, but Platinum also incorporates several new areas and an impressive array of subtle changes, making it the best of the bunch despite heavily recycled content.

The Good:
* Same great Pokemon core mechanics
* Countless tweaks refine the experience
* Battle Frontier, Distortion World greatly extend replayability
* Almost 60 Pokemon added to Sinnoh's native Pokedex

The Bad:
* Limited, simplistic minigames in Wi-Fi Plaza
* Heavily recycled material from Diamond/Pearl
* Story could use sprucing up

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