How Korea Promotes Xbox 360

While Microsoft's Xbox 360 marketing in Japan is apparently "not cool," it appears as though its Korean arm is making hipper efforts.

Writes reader Chris:

"On my way to lunch today I spotted this xbox360 bus parked at a really busy intersection...The sign basically says "everything attractive (that draws/pulls) exists (inside/here)" then below "opening the age of perfect HD gaming" or "the age of perfect HD gaming is open" take your pick. Then there is a picture with Gears on the back."

As cool as "Jump In" and leaps and bounds and leaps better than "do do do." But, is it working? Brian Ashcraft

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Syko4760d ago

I remember TheMart getting slammed for posting a story about a bus in Australia. Now this is flying under the radar? His little bus story got 50+ comments

headblackman4760d ago

microsoft has an advertisment advantage right here in there own backyard that they dont even see :/ and i really dont know why. is there somekind of site were you can make suggestions to microsoft at? i tried but didnt see anything that would permit that.

Says you4760d ago

When PS3 comes out there the gamers would choose PS3 more over 360 considering there probably not going to buy that much of the 360.