Sony Confirms Patapon 2 Will be Download Only

Sony has released a statement today announcing that the upcoming PlayStation Portable game Patapon 2 will be a download only title. You will be able to purchase the title through the PlayStation Network or you can go to a store and buy a download code, similar to the GTA IV expansion pack The Lost and Damned.

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BlackIceJoe3567d ago

I so hate this I like to own a hard disk copy over just a voucher to let me download the game. I can see so many bad things come out of this and good things too but I don't think this is a wise move.

I will list why it is bad and why it is good. If you do some thing wrong and can't use PSN any more you are out your money and game. You can't sell the game after you beat the game. There is the chance of prices being priced to high and not coming down.

Why it is good developers get more money off the game, only one person can play it.

I also think this is bad because what if Patapon 2 sells badly because less people buy it because they can't download stuff online. They don't have a credit/debt card.

So to me I think this is a bad move but I don't want Patapon 2 to sell badly and never get a Patapon 3 because of this move. I don't see why Sony can't launch Patapon 2 on both a hard disk and PSN.

I just hope Patapon 2 sells really well because the first was great and the second looks even better.

madk3567d ago

I agree. Unfortunately since the quality of "arcade" titles is constantly improving this is something we'll have to get used to.

smokey_vols3567d ago

Blame all those people who hacked their PSP to play games for free.

raztad3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

I got the feeling that Sony is pushing PSN only games for an upcoming umd-less psp.

STK0263567d ago

I for one don't have any problem with DD, I, as of now, have always prefered having the digital copy to the real one (I DLed Warhawk, Burnout paradise, Jeanne d'Arc, and I only use Steam to buy my PC games, with the exception of Blizzard's game like D2, Wc3 and WoW, that I bought online on their website, still is DD).

As for those with no credit card, Patapon 2 will also available in stores, they'll give you a code to DL it afterwards, as long as they do that, they can keep the retailers happy, aswell as most people (as I believe most people have access to the internet...).

I know some people prefer having a disk, but let's face it, when it comes to handheld, battery life and size will sooner or later force handhelds to go DD only, as having the UMD drive is pretty much what prevents the PSP from being a great piece of hardware, due to longer loadings and shorter battery life (of course, that's for those with a non-CFWed PSP)

princejb1343567d ago

this is a bad idea
not everyone has internet to download the game
how bout this who have no idea of how to even connect online on the psp
they should do both, digital copy, and hard copy
giving consumers choices

rambi803567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Sony has always stressed that they see DD + disks co-existing to give people the option to build game libraries.

Does this guy know the meaning of "considering"??
eg. I'm considering a petition for better quality control for news stories on this site

I think a umd-less psp will exist as an option to the existing UMD based PSP.

EDIT: is it just me or did sony not mention anything about buying a code to download the game?
Are we allowed to just make stuff up here - cause i have some great ideas

Lifendz3567d ago

I kinda like having the physical disc in my hands but if this results in games being cheaper (because they cut out retail) then I'm all for it. Retail isn't going to like it but so what. I'll order my console directly from the source (MS, Sony, etc) if I have to.

- Ghost of Sparta -3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Pirates are to blame for this decision. The first Patapon was incredible and everyone just downloaded it to hell. How could you bastards beg Sony to keep supporting the PSP the way they used to when you're not even buying their games anymore? I don't give a phuck if you can't afford PSP games, you're still stealing and ruining it for the PSP owners who actually BUY games.

Viper73567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

I dont know how SCEA will hanle USA distribution, but I already have my UMD PATAPON 2, so its not a limited to just download. So any1 eyeing for this title can import this title from UK for example. The headline is a bit deceiving, it should read where its download only instead of claiming the game to be download only.

Psp games are region free like ps3:s games so its no trouble really to import it.

Heres umd patapon2

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thequietgamer3567d ago

we don't even know if this is true or not. show me a press release. this is pure speculation. the dude said that they are considering it.

jeremyds3567d ago

They said they were considering this as a Test Case

sarshelyam3567d ago

I mean, last time I checked the validity of a quote MUST be supported by a source, to which there is none. I call foul!!

ElementX3567d ago

Yo mama called foul after I...... oh nevermind

axeru7773567d ago

Digital Distribution is upon us

swiftshot933567d ago

I loose myself whilst playing Patapon, what I think is an hour turns out to be 5. Cant wait for P2, the first was almost perfect IMO.


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