EA SPORTS NHL 09 Predicts Boston Bruins Will Win the Stanley Cup

The Boston Bruins will win the Stanley Cup for the first time in 37 years, defeating original six rival Chicago Blackhawks in a six game series, according to the official EA SPORTS simulation of the 2009 NHL playoffs on the award-winning NHL 09 videogame.

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hitthegspot4185d ago

I need to call my bookie...

MAR-TYR-DOM4185d ago

The capitals led by Alexander "the GR8" Ovechkin will win. Its not fair when you can do this.

Expy4185d ago

The Bruins won't win it simply because of their goaltending. Washington has even worse goaltending.

San Frandisco4185d ago

bruins suck,thats y hey will loose to the SHARKS baby YEA!
shark tank allll day sucka's.. weve got this cup under our fins,try taking it and see wut happens wen you get the wrath of the shark bite!

Supernatural244183d ago

Funny, I see none of these two reaching the finals..

As a Habs, my team will be decapitated by Boston, but it will be

San Jose Sharks vs Carolina Hurricanes

For the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals

Who will win it? I don't know, let's see...!