25 Things Every Gamer Should Own

For gamers that like to wear their fandom like a scarlet letter, for gamers that scored some extra cash when that McDonald's coffee scolded your trachea, for gamers that paradoxically hate videogames, but love videogame culture, UGO has compiled 25 things that you should own. Enjoy the t-shirts, shoes, earrings, coffee tables and ephemera that make up the periphery of gamer merchandise. They hope you enjoy these ways to postpone chipping away at your college debt.

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Andronix3567d ago

The Secret of Monkey Island is one of the best graphic adventure games. Great story, music, comedy, romance and adventure. So seeing those trainers is a beautiful reminder of one of my favourite gaming experiences. The art is taken from graphics near the start of the game. Guybrush lands on Melee Island with nothing but a dream to become a pirate. Oh, I wish I could by them!

Daigoji_Gai3566d ago

Monkey Island is a classic, though I am partial to the later games in the series and the other scumm classics like Maniac Mansion 2: Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, and of course GRIM FANDANGO!