VGC Review: Star Ocean: The Last Hope

VGC writes: "Star Ocean: The Last Hope is chronologically the first story in the Star Ocean franchise. This would matter more if Star Ocean plotlines were even remotely related to each other, but as it is you don't need to know anything about other Star Ocean games to play this one. In the year 2064 the Earth almost destroys itself in a massive nuclear world war, forcing humans to begin searching for a new home in space. Enter Edge Maverick, a seemingly average young pilot in the SRF (Space Reconnaissance Force) with an inferiority complex. Together with his childhood "friend" Reimi Saionji, Edge travels space exploring new planets for potential human colonization. Along the way Edge and Reimi meet the expected anime cliches (the cat girl, the android, the annoying child, the disgruntled badass, etc.) and continue their travels with their ragtag crew. Eventually the inevitable great evil threatening the whole universe pops up, and Edge and crew set out to stop it."

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